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NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2023 PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE Today’s speaker is Trudy Land demonstrating CPR. BIRTHDAYS: One Happy Birthday wish for August is extended to Joan Clough 27th Hope you have a fabulous birthday Joan. SICKIES REPORT: Lois Cullis is not doing very well and has had to go back into a boot. Vera Runacres is home after having had surgery done last week; she’s feeling so much better. Reports for July 27 Jul Our Anniversary Lunch at Steeples Hotel, Mornington, was quite a success. I believe there were a lot of lovely comments and some very positive feedback given to President Joan about the day. Congratulations to the 5 ladies that had the $25 lucky door prize tickets. Also, a huge “thank you” to Bernadette for making the gift envelopes; they were just so beautiful. I can’t wait for November when Bernadette is going to teach us how to make beautiful cards like the ones she made for the lucky number prizes at the Anniversary Lunch. It will be just in time for Christmas! Those of us who saw Denise Drysdale at the RSL’s Morning Melodies Christmas in July luncheon had a fabulous morning. She was just like she was 30 years ago on IMT, had hardly changed at all. She singled out our Joan Clough to comment on Joan’s hair, then, when she found out Joan would be celebrating her 96th birthday on 27th August she got Joan up to take a bow! AUGUST 2023 17 Soup kitchen!! What better way to spend an icy cold day is there than to spend a few hours with friends and partake in a delicious bowl of hot soup with some crusty bread on the side? Choose from Pumpkin, Zucchini & Leek, or Mulligatawny - BOARD IS OUT for catering numbers. Pumpkin Zucchini & Leek Mulligatawny 24 Ambulance Museum, Bayswater – pick up bus 9.30 am at the Village Cinemas car park, Karingal Hub, to get to the museum by 10.00 am. Take a guided tour of the museum. A yummy morning tea is being supplied by the Museum; leave to go to Stamford Hotel, Rowville for lunch at own cost. If there is time we’ll visit the Darryl Lee outlet nearby. Cost is $35.00. 31 Fifth Thursday – Mr. Frank’s Café, South East Water building – 10am to 12 noon. SEPTEMBER 2023 14 General meeting - speaker will be a return talk by Cliff Hardy. We got such a positive vibe after his last visit that we thought we’d get him again to talk on another subject. This time his talk will be “Dolly’s War Diary”. 21 Coffee Morning – a fashion show with a company whose name is not known to us – calling themselves “U and I” they have lovely clothes. How do I know? Our Vice President Anita has been to two parades that U & I put on at her village, she said they were great. A few of our committee ladies have volunteered for “modeling” duties. 28 Lisa’s Lacies, 6 Klauer Street, Seaford, 9782 5955. Own vehicles (please share with those who don’t drive). Be at Lisa’s at 10.30 am for fittings and a lovely morning tea (so I’ve been told). NOW, PLEASE BE AWARE: If you put your name down you must attend. Lisa’s Lacies brings in extra fitters to accommodate the number of expected customers (as per the names on the attendance sheet): they must be paid for their time. If the expected customers don’t turn up, then that is an expense that Lisa’s business will incur. SO PLEASE DON’T PUT YOUR NAME DOWN IF YOU’RE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT After the fittings, we’ll then go just up the road to the Seaford Pub for lunch. – At own cost. Always a good meal. BOARD OUT OCTOBER 2023 12 General Meeting speaker will be Peta Murphy, the local politician. 19 Coffee Morning – Pizza Day - A nice hot slice or two of Pizza from the local pizza shop in Karingal Village – choice of Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Americana, Vegetarian, Super. BOARD WILL BE OUT FOR CATERING NUMBERS NEXT MONTH 26 Lunch at Baxter Tavern. Last month’s question: “In what year did India gain its independence from Great Britain?” The answer is: “1947” Question for this month “When you transport something by car it’s called a shipment. When you transport something by ship what is it called?” Answer next month Confucius say: marriage is like poker. Begin with pair, end with full house.