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                          ABN: 26813456449w2







Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc.A0009713S

Meeting the second Thursday of every month,

10 am–12 noon, Community of Christ Church,

2 Logan Street, Frankston

PO BOX 7109. Karingal Centre, 3199




        President:           Helen Anthony   0412 227 679          Secretary:        Vera Runacres            0408 586 914

       Vice President:   Anita Davies       0438 862 091           Treasurer:         Marilyn Griffiths         0419 542 543

                                                                                       Asst Treasurer:  Pamela Mott               0455 661 003

       Newsletter Editor:  Helen Anthony   0412 227 679        Kitchen:            Ann Nicoll                  0431 338 895    



Please turn off your mobile phones.


Our speaker today is Ian Crawford


BIRTHDAYS:  Happy birthday wishes for February are extended to Kate McKenzie 4th, Margaret Lindley 7th, Diedre Mitchell 14th, Maureen Endicott 15th, Pamela Mott 22nd. Hope you have a great birthday ladies.


SICKIES:   No sickies to report.


09 Mar       AGM – no speaker. This is an important day in the life of our Club, a day where

                  Presidents resign and a new President is elected, Committee members resign

                  and new members are elected. Come along and be part of the excitement!




16 Feb        Trudy, the past Pastor of the Church, is dropping in to give us a talk.



Just a little aside here ladies (Editor’s prerogative!) – I can’t tell you how happy we all were to see Tehry at our lunch at Baxter pub last month. She looked fabulous and was so pleased to be there. Lovely to see you Tehry!!!


23 Feb        Lunch at Sofia’s restaurant, 5N Pier Promenade, foreshore Frankston, and

                  afterwards take a walk along the foreshore at your own pace to walk it off!

                  A lovely way to spend a couple of hours catching up with your friends.

                  BOARD OUT.


Last month’s question: “What is the medical term for lockjaw?” 

The answer is: “Tetanus”.


Question for this month: “Who betrayed Samson to the Philistines?” 

Answer next month:


We’ve got the Annual General Meeting next month; x`we should take a look at that.  It’s that time when we must get our house in order and get a committee invested for 2023/24. For your information, there are Committee Nomination forms on the entry table alongside the Newsletters; please feel free to help yourself to one.


As already announced, I am standing down from the Presidency at the end of this Probus year. Under Probus rules, however, I must still serve on the Committee for a further twelve months as Past President. Under normal circumstances Anita would step into the Presidency after having been Vice President. Circumstances have changed however, and unfortunately Anita cannot take on the role of President. We needed a nomination for President and Joan Hoyle has nominated for the role.


Those retiring from the committee after many years of service to the club are Susan Lindsay (Past President) and Vera Runacres (Minute Secretary). As you can see each lady has contributed much to the welfare of the club.  Susan joined in November 2003 and has been President /Vice President many times over during these past years; Vera joined the Club in September 1988 and has served as Minute Secretary for quite some years now.


If you are reading this and are thinking perhaps you would like to nominate for a place on the Committee, do it. You will never regret it. Whilst we consider the business of the Club very seriously we do have a lot of laughs. It’s also very rewarding; I can honestly say you walk away after a meeting with a feeling of satisfaction.


We have had correspondence from Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL) advising us that  because of increased expenses the capitation fees for the Probus year 2023-2024 will be $16.75 for each member. This fee covers membership, administration, insurance and support services. Our membership currently stands at 40, therefore making a total of $670 payable on the 30th April, 2023.

Something for you to think about before the AGM in March is Joan and myself had a chat about the upcoming capitation fees increase and feel our annual subs should be raised to $47.00. Remember any increase in member’s subs must be approved by the members at the AGM.

Have a great meeting ladies.



In a world where you can be anything – be kind?