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                          ABN: 26813456449w2






Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc.A0009713S

Meeting the second Thursday of every month,

10 am–12 noon, Community of Christ Church,

2 Logan Street, Frankston

PO BOX 7109. Karingal Centre, 3199





  President:  Susan Lindsay    0408 140 469         Secretary:    Vera Runacres:   0408 586 914

  Vice President:   Anita Davies      0438 86    Treasurer:   G. Lindsay & Helen Anthony

                                           Editor: Helen Anthony, 0412 227 679







We thought it was about time we said hello, so welcome to our Newsletter, ladies. 


A quick word from President Susan:


Hello ladies, how are you all? I do hope our Newsletter finds you well. I know we are all wanting the Club to be open and ready for business, to get together with our friends again and enjoy a cup of tea together. Unfortunately this isn't going to be happening any time soon. Luckily spring has sprung and we can look forward to balmy days when we can get outside at last without having to dress up as if we're going to Antarctica. A little bit of gardening perhaps, or a walk to the end of the road and back, (that's it for Helen!) I have been trying to ring somebody every day, just to keep in touch and to let you know you're not alone out there, we're still here, still thinking of things to do when we're open for business again. Hopefully it won't be much longer.  Please take care of yourselves, ladies, let's look forward to "opening day".


Birthdays for August & September:

August birthdays:   Pam Harris 4th, Dolores 14th, Joan Clough 27th

September birthdays:  Dorothy Rice 6th, Gwenda Bassett 17th, - congratulations ladies, may you have many more.


Sickies: Ann Nicoll has had a knee reconstructed at Peninsula Private Hospital and then went for rehab at St. John of God. She is now home. According to Annie she's going OK. Get well soon Annie. Just an update on me myself. I am feeling absolutely wonderful.  I am feeling no pain. All's good with my world.

Lois Cullis was scheduled to have heart surgery but unfortunately they have had to "reschedule".

Shirley Griffith is still struggling with the pain of cellulite in both legs, she has been a patient at Frankston Hospital for approximately 3 weeks. She has however been moved into another ward where it's a bit more relaxed.

Please remember, if you know of someone who is sick please let either Joan Clough or Vija know.


Calendar of Events:

General Meeting Speaker:  )

Coffee Mornings:               ) All cancelled until further notice

Outings:                           )


Must mention here our Anniversary Lunch in July at Taggarts Restaurant in the International Hotel, Frankston; it really was fabulous. Weren't we lucky we got it in before the shutdown? I thought the dining room looked utterly charming. We were met with a wine on arrival, and then walking into the dining room we were hit with a vision of tables all set with white linen tablecloths and white linen serviettes. Glasses and water jugs sparkling under the lights. Flowers on the tables. So lovely. The food was terrific, served hot and plenty of it. To put the cherry on top there were some very "jammy" ladies (including me) that had a lucky ticket sitting on their bread and butter plate. I was really rapt when my number got called out. Thank you Joan Hoyle for sourcing some really beautiful gifts. There are some photos on the next page.



The Answer to Last month's Trivia Question: Humphrey Bogart won his one and only Oscar for which film? The answer is The African Queen.


This month's Trivia Question:  Who played the original Eliza Dolittle when My Fair Lady opened in London?   Extra question: What year did My Fair Lady open in London? Answer next month


A little bit of humour Folks:


Did you hear about the Italian chef that died?

He pasta way.You know, we cannoli do so much.

His legacy will become a pizza history.
Here today, gone tomato.
I can only espress so much grief, but I must romaine calm.
How sad that he ran out of thyme.
Ashes to ashes, crust to crust.
There's not mushroom left for Italian chefs in this world.
Sending olive my prayers to his family.
His wife is really upset, cheese still not over it.
You never sausage a tragic thing.
It's such a shame good people die fusilli(1) reasons.
It was a farfalle(2) from grace.
(1: Spiral pasta – 2. Butterfly pasta)


Great come backs:

Abraham Lincoln after being called two-faced: "If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?"

When asked by a Reporter: "How many people work at the Vatican Your Holiness?" – Pope John XXIII answered: "About half."

Drunk Man: "Ï can't bear fools" To whom Dorothy Parker replied: "No, but obviously your mother could."


On that note I'll close for now.

Lots of hugs going out to you all.