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Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting held at the
Glendowie Bowling Club rooms at 10:15 am on Friday, 3 March 2017

Presiding:  Brian Matthews

Attendance: 35 members as per register and one visitor.

Apologies from 11 Members were received and sustained as per the register.

Induction: Brian introduced his wife Alison Matthews and welcomed her as a Member.

AGM:  Declared open

Minutes:  The minutes of the 32st AGM held on 4th March 2016, have been considered by the Committee on 1st April 2016 in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws, Article III (h).

Minutes of 32nd AGM confirmed.  Matthews / Bottomley

Matters Arising from Minutes:  There were no matters not elsewhere on the agenda. 

President’s Report (Appendix 1) The President reported on the Club’s past year.  He noted the good range of interesting speakers enjoyed during the year, regretting that only one trip had been arranged, in the continued absence of a permanent Visits Officer.  He had appreciated and enjoyed the privilege of serving as President over yet another year and expressed his thanks to both the Committee and to all Members for their help and support throughout his term.

Report received and carried.  Matthews /Bottomley

Treasurer’s Report

President Brian called upon the Hon. Treasurer, Tim Donaldson, who tabled the audited Financial Account (Appendix 2) and stated that he had prepared a budget and recommended that the subscription fee remain at $40.00.  He said that the Committee had already decided to waive the joining fee this year.

  • Treasurer’s report received and the audited accounts to 31 January 2017 were tabled. Approved.  Bottomley/Beddek.  Carried.

Election of President

There being no other nominations, Vice President Wallace Bottomley, was elected   

Matthews / Beddek. 

Brian presented the chain of office to Wallace who assumed the role of Chairman for the remainder of the meeting.

Election of Officers

·        Secretary                   No nomination

·        Minute Secretary     No nomination

·        Vice-President          No nomination

  • Treasurer              Tim Donaldson        
  • Committee           
  • Brian Mathews, becomes Immediate Past President, and is therefore a member of the Committee ex officio.  
  • John McDermott
  • Hugh Hickman
  • Don Shaw
  • No other nominations were received.

33rd AGM 3rd March 2017 (Continued)


Wallace pointed out that although the Committee has power to co-opt Members to the Committee the Rules (By Laws) of the Club required a quorum of six at each Meeting. Therefore without more nominations the first meeting of the Committee may be invalid.  After a silence, and with no further nominations, Wallace put the motion that the nominated Members be declared duly elected.

Bottomley / Beddek


Vote of thanks to auditor

A vote of thanks to the Hon. Auditor, Noel Vallance.  Carried by acclamation

Donaldson / McDermott


Appointment of Auditor

Resolved that Noel Vallance, having again agreed to act, be appointed as Honorary Auditor.  Carried Bottomley /Diggelmann


Notice of Motion  

Wallace explained that for a notice of motion to be considered, the rules of the club requires that notice is to be made at a prior meeting.   He said that in view of the lack of support by some Members to serve on the Committee, the Club’s future should be considered at the earliest. 

Moved as a notice of motion, that at the next general meeting, the future of the club shall be discussed.

          Matthews / Diggelmann


General Business

Owen Diggelmann asked about the appointment of a House Manager.  Wallace answered that this is a priority, and if unfilled, the Committee may have to employ staff.  The House Manager has to be a Member of the Glendowie Bowling Club, to have access and ensure that their standards are met.


There being no further business, Wallace closed the Annual General meeting at 10:20 am.


History of Glendowie:  Wallace introduced Tony Sullivan to promote this popular book written by his mother in law Elizabeth T. Jackson, that he has just had reprinted. 


The Meeting closed at 10:30 am for morning tea.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Confirmed by Committee in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws, Article III (h)



.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . President                     Date    24th April 2017