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The importance of a good guide cannot be underestimated and tour guide support we received from Lesley Huggins made our visit to this historic setting more memorable.

Mitcham Nunawading   members discovered   that  welcome packages provided by  the Mission are always well received .The  Seafarers Mission has a long history of supporting  sailors when they  arrive in Melbourne. 

5 distinct areas  of the building were visited  .It was an excellent way to find out more about one Melbourne support service 


 Mitcham Nunawading and Forest Hill Probus  Groups combined to travel by bus to Ballarat to see begonias in full bloom The Robert Clark  Observatory  viewing area was one highlight  of this day outing.

Combining  probus activity can broaden social involvenent for members 


William Johnston might not be household name to people but during a morning visit to his Georgian House "Fairhall" in East Melbourne, Forest Hill and Mitcham Nunawading probus members learned about his passion for  the decorative arts.

 Mitcham Nunawading and Forest Hill clubs joined forces once  again to see Johnson house collection.



Many of us have enjoyed the pleasure of flying as a means of transport to exotic destinations and to visit family and friends in this far-flung nation and world we live in.

On May 19 members of Mitcham Nunawading Probus enjoyed a tour of Moorabbin Air Museum. This facility has a wonderful collection of aircraft from the early days of aviation, with a Gypsy Moth biplane with wooden wings covered in textile to a more recent early jet aircraft such as Canberra bomber, Mirage fighter and a Viscount commercial airliner.

Our group was fortunate to have as a guide and commentator “Biggles”, otherwise Dennis Petersen, Vice president of his Probus club. Dennis provided an interesting and deep knowledge of the origins and history of use of all of the Museum aircraft exhibited.  Fascinating toe hear of so many aircraft designed and built in Australia which had a vital aircraft industry at Fisherman’s Bend in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Aircraft such as the Gypsy Moth, Tiger Moth, Wirraway and Beaufighter.  These latter were the back bone of Australia’s aircraft in the Second World War.

There were some fascinating aircraft such as an autonomous drone designed and built in Australia in the recent past and a helicopter used to rescue sailors in the 1998 storm that savaged the Sydney to Hobart fleet.  This helicopter was the first on the scene and picked up sailors and then made it back to Bairnsdale with the engine stalling due to no fuel as they landed.

A great day was finished of with an excellent lunch at the Fight Deck bar and Grill, a four star restaurant which lived up to its reputation of fine dining with a view of Moorabbin airport, the second busiest airport in Australia.


Caption Photo 1.  A plan of Museum exhibits

Caption Photo 2. Beaufighter aircraft used in the Pacific campaign

Caption Photo 3. Biggles in flight uniform at Police Heicopter




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