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Stafford Probus has a very active group of members who join in many activities arranged by the Activities Coordinator.

Our activities have been tours to the Back of Bourke; day tours to Toowoomba area;Brisbane river cruises; many morning teas and lunches, just to name a few.


Current Activity:  Thursday, 21st October 2021.  8.30 a.m.  Breakfast at Dragonfly Cafe,  Eden Gardens, 1657 Gympie Road, Carseldine.


Recent Activities

All happening in September 2021. 

Aussie "Colonial Days" Lunch on 9th.  Friends arrived in various styles of colonial dress and were ushered into a "colonial" dining room . We were invited to partake of a sherry or two which immediately transported us back to yesteryear. The catering committee offered a home-cooked culinary delights of "kangaroo tail" soup, main course of Wombat  (corned beef) with the famous white sauce and vegetables, finishing with bread and butter pudding or sticky date pud.  An Aussie quiz, aussie songs and a best dressed competition entertained.  Congratulations to the eight cooks and helpers for the outstanding successs of this function.

A Day Out with Friends on 23rd.  An interesting day.  Probians met at Indooroopilly Station Concourse and started as a tight group to "stroll', some faster than others as it happened,  along the river walkway taking advantage of the Riverscape and birdlife. Breathing through masks was a struggle.  Having time to spare before meeting with the non-walkers for lunch at the Indooroopilly Hotel, most extended the walk by toddling across the river on the pedestrian bridge and staggering back.  Food ordering at the hotel was on-line - a shock and a challenge for those still mastering the Co-vid Check in app.  We solved it by ordering at the counter - a shock and a challenge for hotel staff.    One of the non-walkers was late for lunch. He went to sleep on the train and woke up at Chelmer.  Thanks to organiser Anne and let's do it again. 

Hervey Bay Trip with Trade Travel.  Probians and friends enjoyed three days of friendship, fun,  food, magnificent weather, a busy schedule and early morning starts. This trip had been delayed by covid lock-down in August but Trade Travel rearranged the schedule.  The group rode the Mary Valley Rattler with morning tea of giant scones, jam and cream; saw the third largest jigsaw in the world; toured the military museum; mingled with the locals who were enjoying the Mary Poppins Festival; had special early morning entry to the Mary Poppins Museum; went whale watching; visited the Gympie Timber museum; had lunch and a silent movie at Pomona.  Thanks to Margaret S. for an excellent choice for our getaway.   

Morning tea, Crepe Cafe, Aspley. August 2021  The morning was cold and windy but that did not deter 34 Probians from arriving early for their first outing in a long time. Speciality crepes and pancakes with lots of cream were the order of the day, washed down with coffee and hot chocolate.  Our thanks to Bronwyn for her choice of location but she could not do much about the weather.

Theatre Event, August 2021.  22 members visited Growl Theatre, Windsor for a second time this year. On this occasion to see a performance of the hilarious "Boeing Boeing" by Marc  Camoletti.  Enjoyed by everyone.  Thanks to Marilyn for organising this entertaining event.

Trivia Competition with Bridgeman Downs Probus, June 2021.   (It may be trivia but the results are far from trivial!)  What a performance by both Stafford teams.  With only 3 wrong answers out of 34 questions, coming in FIRST were Cheryle Shaxson, Lyn Clark, Marilyn Jarvis, Gay Sparkes, Margaret & Brian Stokes.  Just missing out of the money by 3 points were the team of Jan Jones, Jan Capper, Liz Brantley Brown, Joan Boxall, Gloria Baird & Gwyn Ogunyanwo. Congratulations to both teams. 

Walk & Talk, Sandgate, June 2021  Twenty-seven Probus members met on the foreshore where we played Bocce, Finska (a game with small numbered pieces of wood set up on the ground and you throw a 12" wooden block to knock them over), as well as Outdoor Bag Toss.  Keith excelled, throwing the rice bag through the hole twice.  Bags were minded by a few while the majority went for a pleasant walk.  10 Probians "ate in" at Fish on Flinders while others had take-away back in the park. While we ate lunch, City Council, in their wisdom, decided to dig a couple of areas nearby.  The volume of our members chatting almost covered the noise of the machinery.  We had a lovely day and many thanks to Margaret & Brian S for organising it and providing the games. 

Bus Trip "Roaming through the Redlands", May 2021                                                                Tour leaders Alan and Carol and 40+ Stafford Probians were greeted with sparkling Brisbane winter weather for the start of our ramble - and didn't we ramble.    For many on tour it was a memory recall of Sunday drives and picnics in their youth; but guide Tarnya who had extensive knowledge of the area was able to explain the meanings of indigenous names from tribes who lived there before white settlement. They harvested not only from the sea but also from the nearby islands.                                                                                                                               The red soil of the area attracted many entrepreneurs and over time sugar cane, citrus, pineapples and vegetables were some of the many crops that thrived.  However as Brisbane grew in population and roads, railways and bridges appeared, the attraction of the area plus sea breezes ensured that people were "on the move." Today numerous suburbs with all the necessary utilities are thriving and still growing.                                                                         Driver Mike was a delight and negotiated many roundabouts and steep inclines and delivered us for morning tea at Wellington Point and  a delicious lunch at Redlands Golf Club. So thanks to Alan and Carol for a great day.

Theatre - "The Importance of Being Earnest", May 2021                                                        Thank you to Marilyn who organized this entertaing theatre event for the Club, the second for this year with more to come.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Growl Theatre, Windsor as a group of 22 Club members and friends attended Oscar Wilde's three act comedy. 

Lunch, Tantulli's Italian Restaurant, Stafford, April 2021                                                    Probians braved the sunlight to attend the lunch at Stafford Central.  They came via the tram tracks and even crossed the double lines on Stafford Road.  Some turned up though they were not confirmed participants and others helped the organizers by booking and then were no shows.  The servings were sufficient and lots of plates were returned empty.  Some smart Probians got two for the price of one and took their bonus home to continue the fellowship.  Thanks to the hosts, organizers and fellow Probians who all combined to have another successful day.  Thanks to Nev and Anne - when is the next one?

Crazy Cards,  Cafe 63, Pickering Place,  March 2021                                                              "Spades are trumps', "Diamonds are trumps," "you have to follow suit", "hey Terry, what did you say again?" were heard throughout the morning as 40 club members met at Cafe 63 to play Crazy Cards at this bi-annual event. After morning tea, the crazy rules imposed had players trying to win or lose a nominated card from the deck. The laughter and good natured banter made for an enjoyable day.  Thank you Terry and Margaret for all the years of organizing this event.  

Theatre Restaurant, Redcliffe, February 2021                                                                            Have you ever wanted to "grill" a suspect or solve a murder mystery? Well a small but select group of Club members and friends had the opportunity to do so when they attended the Mousetrap Theatre at Redcliffe Showgrounds.  They watched closely to see "who dunnit' and were able to question all the characters on stage along with the rest of the audience. Sadly they did not pick the murderer  BUT  Andrew and Doreen's team, "The Clueless Quartet", won the prize for best dressed (Andrew as Sherlock Holmes and Doreen as a gangster's moll).  The prize for best team name of "GiveItArrest" was won by our Marilyn, Lyn and Erin.  Good work.

 Morning Tea, Milk Cafe, Ashgrove, January 2021

Club Christmas Lunch, Aspley Hornets, Dec 2020

Christmas Drinks, Kedron Wavell, Dec 2020

Lord Mayor's Christmas Concert, Dec 2020

High Tea in November 2020

Bare Foot Bowls, October 2020

Trivia at Gaythorne Bowls Club - September 2020

Lunch at Hornets, Carseldine, - August 2020

Picnic in the Park, Teralba Park, Everton Park - July 2020

Breakfast, Rosetta's Cafe, Stafford City - February 2020

Club Morning Tea, Gaythorne RSL - January 2020

Lord Mayor's Christmas Concert - December 2019

Club Christmas Lunch, Aspley Hornets - 19 December 2019

Some 50 plus members joined together to enjoy the end of year celebration of Christmas.  On arrival, the work done by the organizing committee was evident and things were quickly under way with Ron Boxall as MC and our President, Carmela , welcoming all.    The meal was very enjoyable with much talking and laughing, drowning out the music provided by our Mr Music, Arch Young (better luck next time).  A bit of excitement was about when the White Elephant gift-sharing took place with just a bit of rule-breaking happening.  We then found out how little we knew about Christmas carols when tasked by Joan Boxall to name carols where two lines only were given.  We shamefacedly had to declare some very poor results when the list was totalled.   Our thanks to everyone on the organizing committee and to all who helped make it such a lovely day.  Keith Catts.


River City Cruises - 19 September 2019

Our cruise on "MV Neptune" departed Southbank with 29 club members already enjoying their devonshire morning tea.  During the 1 1/2 hour sightseeing cruise we we entertained by informative commentary on history and various Brisbane iconic sights along the river.  The spring weather was superb and judging by the level of conversation our members enjoyed the event, with some stalwarts continuing on to lunch.

NASA“A Human Adventure” Exhibit at Qld Museum - Thursday 22nd August 2019   .

On 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon with the comment that it was one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.Fifty years later our group of 28 attended the Queensland Museum to view the Exhibition which is touring the world with Brisbane the only stop in Australia.The history of space travel was covered from Buck Rogers before the 2nd World War , the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961, the moon landing by Apollo 11 in 1969 and subsequent space flights. The exhibit detailed the first moon landing with all aspects from the 6 stage rocket and mock-ups of the inside of the space craft and the Lunar Module which landed on the moon. One thing obvious was that the crew was not treated as first class passengers.  Their area was cramped and crammed with equipment.Displays of space suits, sleeping facilities, hygiene facilities, food and eating utensils. These utensils had magnets so they did not float away.For want of a better word the food looked unappetizing.It would be one way to diet.One of our ladies said she was most interested in the food and the underwear.          

The exhibit emphasized the magnitude of the achievement and how brave they were.After seeing the exhibition we adjourned to the Fox Hotel for lunch.Fortunately the lunch menu was better than the food supplied on the space craft.It was a great day.        

Thanks to Linda for organizing it.Nev Langford                                                                       

 VISIT TO BRISBANE TRAMWAY MUSEUM AT FERNY GROVE                                                                                           On Thursday, 15th August, 2019  twenty-four members were treated to a trip down memory lane.  After a visit to the museum office with its comprehensive display of tram memorabilia, morning tea of scones was served by volunteer Peter under a shady tree.  Then the ‘fun’ rides began with volunteers Brian as guide and conductor and Geoff as motorman.  

1.  Car 47.  Built in 1901 in Brisbane, a ‘California’ combination car running on 600v DC, stepped down by transformer from 11,000v.  Internally  lit by kerosene lamps, bell cord communication (1 ding for stop, 2 for go),  Car 47 was beautifully restored by apprentices at Brisbane City Council workshops after the closure of tramways in 1969.  

2. Car 341. Built in 1936 in Brisbane. A drop-centre tram for easier access; licensed to carry 110 seated and standing; 2 saloon cabins, smoking at rear only; carried ¼ million passengers a year during WW2.  Busiest times were major events – Ekka, race days and hospital visiting hours, 7-8 p.m.  

3.  Car 99.  Built in 1936 in Brisbane.  A short wheel-based tram for use on the hilly Botanic Gardens to Gregory Terrace line.  Known as “Jumping Jack”, the result of Terrace boys jumping in a group on one bogie.   

4.  Car 65.  Built in 1921 in Brisbane.  An American matchbox style, coCar 554.   Car 554 was the last tram to run a regular service in Brisbane.  It is one of eight  Phoenix Class Trams built in 1969 on bogies salvaged from the fire that destroyed the Paddington Depot that year.  Using new technology, it was the most comfortable tram -   with fluorescent lights, padded seats, opening windows, sliding doors, rear vision mirrors for safety.

There were lots of questions for our guide, lots of reminiscing by those who grew up in Brisbane,  lots of grunting getting in and out of the older trams,  but also lots of happy memories to keep from the day.  Lunch at the Ferny Grove Tavern afterwards was the usual noisy affair with  trams the main topic of conversation!

A big thank-you to Linda (and Brian, Geoff and Peter)  for organizing the visit.


What an enjoyable lunch 47 of our members experienced at the Aspley Hornets Football & Sporting Club for our Club birthday celebration!  The weather was kind to us on the day, the venue was delightful and of course, the food was absolutely delicious.  Ron Boxall very capably navigated us through the day telling jokes, giving away lucky door prizes and of course, giving cheek to all and sundry.  Terry Holmes kept us entertained reciting bush poetry and telling us stories about his time working outback.  If you ever thought you knew about the history of Brisbane, you would have been tested by the Trivia Quizes prepared by Arch and Jan Young.  Our memories were tested and showed us how little we knew but also provided lively conversation at the tables.  Pass the parcel run by Joan Boxall gave members a chance to remember some of the history of the club and service provided by our longer term members.   Thank you everyone who contributed to organising the event which gave much pleasure to those who attended.

LUNCH AT LITSE (Life is too short - enjoy) LOUNGE, KEPERRA

On a chilly June Thursday, 38 Probians met for lunch.  Contrary to the norm, only 6 members were present by 11.30 a.m. stressing hostess Anne.  Others had several circuits of Keperra and enquiries were made at the Post Office before finding the place.

The fare was well presented and delicious. As can happen, when dishes arrived some members liked their neighbour's plate more than their own & our esteemed President thought she had been diddled when she saw Del's duck!  Photos verify the point that the Chicken Roulade was smaller than the duck.  Michael enjoyed the Beef Short Ribs so much he shared them with his jumper.  Ron consumed and enjoyed Max's prawn entree.  With a choice of 2 or 3 courses plus drinks, everyone was satisfied.  Thanks to Anne for organizing a very successful day.


On Thursday afternoon, 9th May, 20 Probus members assembled at QPAC to attend the matinee performance of the comedy review ‘Senior Moments’.  We all enjoyed this show immensely since the programme included  a series of sketches and songs – both topical and hilarious – about old people and the young people they have to deal with. Characters in the cast were represented by performers who were old enough to know better – all making fun of the trials and tribulations of growing old disgracefully.  These performers included Gold Logie winner and veteran actor John Woods ( Blue Heelers, Rafferty’s Rules),  Max Gillies  (The Gillies Report, Once Were Leaders),  Benita Collings (Play School icon), Kim Lewis (Sons and Daughters, The Restless Years) and Russell Newman  (A Country Practice, Underbelly).


A lovely autumn morning, 16th May, saw 37 members gather at Stafford to eat, drink, talk and eat some more.  The fare was homemade delicacies – sandwiches, scones, quiches, custard  treats and caramel slices.  The proprietor and her helpers (one who appeared eligible to join Probus) did well to meet our various tea and coffee choices and were all extremely friendly and helpful.  This was a really enjoyable and happy social outing as evidenced by the buzz of conversation.

Crazy Cards & Morning Tea at Hornets Club Aspley

A very pleasant and interesting morning outing was held at Hornets Club on the 21st March. Crazy Cards was the game and it lived up to its name for the 44 members and guests who attended. We were greeted at the door by Linda Lawes and our genial host for cards was Terry Holmes.  Our first interest was morning tea of scones, jam and cream.  After these had been demolished, we concentrated on the serious task of playing cards.   Terry managed to change the rules of play after each hand to keep us on our toes. Fortunately Terry and his crew knew what they were doing.  Being a card player did not help as all rules of card play were broken much to the enjoyment of those present.  We progressed around the tables making it a great social event.  The champion was Mike Leboutillier and the runners up were Jan Lidicky  and Barbara Foley. Competition for the Booby Prize was very competitive but eventually Peter Murphy prevailed.  Afterwards many of our members adjourned to the dining room for lunch.

Our thanks to Terry and his helpers who made it a great day.

The MacArthur Museum Brisbane Tour.

22 people arrived at the bottom end of the Mall ready for their arranged excursion for the day. It was a beautiful Autumn day and in true Probus tradition of Fellowship, Food etc. the majority wandered off for a coffee.

The volunteers then supervised the loading of the lifts; bear in mind the building (the old A.M.P.) was there    before the Second World War. The Museum area is owned by the Brisbane City Council and there are 72 other units in the complex (approximately half owner occupied, and remainder for rent).

See the photo taken in MacArthur's office around a replica table (original table was owned by MacArthur himself and when he moved it moved) MacArthur never owned a house. John, our guide, then explained how lucky     Brisbane was, submarines off Queensland’s coast,    bombing of Darwin, Milne Bay, Singapore, Pearl Harbour, Port Moresby. Also explained the involvement of Aussie and the United States forces.

There was a photo of the ship used in the evacuation of Darwin, also Air Raid Shelters (one still standing at     Kelvin Grove) and many that were in people’s back yards.

The Vice Consul and US Ambassadors had visited the Museum the day before for the 70th anniversary and we were privileged to have a piece of the celebratory cake.

The day was completed with lunch at Harlequin Jacks.