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Guest Speakers

The Club arranges for speakers to visit on meeting days.

Speakers have provided much enjoyment speaking on such diverse topics as travel; law on Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney, Health Directive and many other interesting and informative subjects.

If any readers would like to offer to be a guest Speaker please contact our secretary.




APRIL:  Kevin Gillard - The Pyjama Foundation which assists children placed in forster care.

MAY:     Heather Campbell demonstrated Happy Yoga.

JUNE:    Jack Clark - Aviation High School - talked about and showed us  the latest Drone technology.

JULY:    David Webber - RACQ - reviewed current road rules and provided advice for elderly motorists. 

AUGUST:  Geoff Bostrom - Taoist Society of Australia to describe and demonstrate Tai Chi practice.

SEPTEMBER: Claude Tranchant - walking the Camino Trail

OCTOBER:  Lindsay Hutton - original skipper of "PS Murray Princess".

NOVEMBER:  Professor Emeritus Bob Milns - the  adventures of Themistocles in 480BC.

DECEMBER:  Professor Roly Sussex - the origins of words associated with Christmas.


February:  Professor Darryl Low Choy - A plan too far,  how Brisbane got its first Town Plan.

September:  "Stone the Crowd" - a musical band.

October:  Geoff Crane:  ex BOM - Climate Change.

November: Trevor Evans - Federal Member for Brisbane - Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management.

December: Noel Stallard - a bush poet of note.


February: Professor Roly Sussex - The language of Pain.

May:  Annette Ball - Pain relief with the Emmett Technique.

June: Major General Darryl Low Choy (Rtd) - Chinese "ever victorious   army" - a personal connection.

September:  Dr Gary Fitt - Birdlife Southern Queensland

October:  Senator Gerard Rennick:  Issues concerning senior citizens.

November:  MadJonna King:  "People who really made a difference" - people she has met in her career.


April:  Dr Tony Brady:  The Empire Air Training Scheme.

May:  Denis Wayper: "Doris Day - her life and her music".

June:  Dina Raus - Services for seniors via Advanced Care Planning.

ryAugust:  Michael Beatty - Reminiscences of an adventurous life in media and animal protection.

September:  Michelle Molyneux - QATB Paramedic talking basic first aid response to heart, stroke and falls.

October:  Tim Mander - his life as a rugby league referee, then as a politician.

November:  John Theile - Captain Hector Waller DSO and Bar; HMAS Perth and the Battle of Sunda Strait.

December:  Patrick Pickett - "Music and Healing"


February:  James Lergessner:  "Cloudland Reminiscences", Cloudland, Queen of the Ballrooms.

April:  Captain Christine Surbeck - Australian Army nurses in theatres of armed conflict.

May:  Dr Gary Fitt - Endangered Gouldian finches from Northern Australia.

June:  Denis Wayper - Illustrated account of the lives of "The Three Tenors".