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41 Charter members, 1 still current. 

Those who handed in their applications for membership at the initial meeting on 7 June 1990 are:   

(* denotes current members, ** denotes non-active members, LF - Life Members) )

Barnes, Harry

Grier, Brian

Schulz, Fred

Barnes, Vere

Grier, Iris

Schulz, Elsie

Betzel, Kath

Guy, Noela 

Stanley, Joan

Bizzell, Celia

Hooper, Perry

Stephenson, Les

Blumson, Lawrie

Hughes, Joyce

Stewart, Frank

Borland, Jim

Irvine, Les 

Sturgess, Herb

Borland, Phyllis

Lansdowne, Allan

Tacey, Ruth

Clayton, Col

Liley, Richard

Wheeler, Les

Clayton, Jean

McWilliam, Clive 

Wilson, Eric

Forbes, Doug

Mitchell, Marj


Gallagher, Marj 

Mourney, Harry 

Wooderson, Gordon 

Gallagher, John 

Mourney, Phyl     LF

Worthington, Don

Godfrey, Noela

Murtagh, Lorraine   LF

Young, Wallace 

Gracie, Margaret

Peel, John


Members who joined in 1990 after 7 June:

Arkell, William

McMahon, Stanley  

O’Brien, William  

Calvert, Ernest

McWilliam, Dorothy 

O’Shea, Maurice

Klarenbeck, Elizabeth

Nolan, Robert

O’Shea, Joan  

Lamb, Betty  

Nolan, Gloria

Tobin, James

Locke, Elizabeth

O’Brien, Kathleen  

Worthington, Valerie

The members of the First Committee in July 1990 were as follows:

President                      Les Irvine

Secretary                     Margaret Gracie

Treasurer                      Lorraine Murtagh

Tour Director                 Noela Godfrey

Club Service                  Dudley Forbes

Providore                       Dudley Forbes

Membership                   Lorraine Murtagh

Newsletter                     Les Irvine, John Gallagher

Lucky Door Prizes           Dudley Forbes

Probus Liaison                Harry Barnes