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Tour to Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary on Wednesday 30 March 2016

After one and a half hours of travelling, members arrived at Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary.

The group was early and braved the freezing wind until Sarah the tour guide, appeared.

At the entrance to the Farm is a wooden statue of a beautiful big pig, Edgar Allen Pig 2003 to 2010, the inspiration behind the Farm.

Then all met the trio,   a duck, a turkey and a rooster, and learned that animals, while not speaking the same language, that is, making the same noise, can distinguish what each other mean.

Next, with Weetbix in everyones hands, all mixed with some sheep and goats who were clearly expecting to see people.  The largest goat, Capucchina, and a couple of sheep were standing against the fence on their hind legs eagerly waiting for everyone. The Weetbix disappeared quickly, and so did two inquisitive sheep who walked out of the pen and decided to go on a mission elsewhere. They were quickly enticed back to the fold by Weetbix.

The next stop was the chicken duck village, a complex of about ten large, gaily painted houses.  The ducks chickens were also fed from human hands as well. Then to see Squeak, a small pig, alone in a pen. She was taken from her mother too early and needs to gain confidence before she will be ready to join the piggy gang. 

Sadly, the group did not have an opportunity to see the gang, or the deer, or other larger animals

Ruby and Oddie are both rescue dogs. Ruby is the Welcome Committee and she does a magnificent job, watchful and alert, but allowing everyone to pat her. Oddie is still a little shy and stays close to Pete who works on the Farm.  There were three cats there as well.

Finally, the group went into the shop where recipe books, hoodies and variety of other items could be purchased.

Next a good meal at the Lancefield Hotel before all headed for home.  A visit to the Farm is well worth the trip.  it is a good learning experience about animals and their welfare.

Zevia Schneider