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On Friday 7th October, 2016, ten Donvale Hill Probus Club members attended the Celebration of Seniors Morning Tea at the Manningham Function Centre, which is one of the annual events jointly funded by the Victorian State Government and Manningham City Council during Seniors Week.On arrival we were directed to the Council main Meeting Room where there was an assortment of pamphlets and other informative material relevant to Seniors needs and services. We were then ushered upstairs to allocated tables in the Function Centre.The tables were tastefully set up including candelabras and natural looking lit candles which only on close inspection revealed artificial wicks.Soft drinks were served before the beginning of formalities. The presiding host was Bruce Phillips who introduced Warwick Winn, the newly appointed CEO of Manningham City Council. Warwick gave a short outline and historic relevance of the Seniors Morning Tea, acknowledging the Multicultural contribution to Manningham where 40 percent of the residents speak a language other than English at home. He informed us that the Victorian Seniors Festival has been running for 34 years. It is always a popular event, this year it was attended by approx. 400 residents.The main attraction of the event was a song and dance routine, Cheek to Cheek featuring Amy Berrisford - Ginger Rogers and Ross Hannaford -Fred Astaire. They performed twice, before and after the 20 min interval. Sam Starr as Sammy Hoopster -  roving circus performer, created some of her art at our table and presented the ladies with sausage balloon fancy artistic creations, including an interesting item to one of our gentlemen and finished off with a cheeky kiss. David Leach as Mr Tails - roving circus performer was busy at the other side of the hall.Sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea were served by an impressive professional team of waiters who had all tables served very quickly with seconds on request.The second segment of Cheek to Cheek by Amy and Ross followed the 20 min interval. This time greater emphasis on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap dance routines was followed by an outstanding solo performance by Amy. It was very much appreciated and acknowledged by a prolonged acclaim by the attending seniors hungry for nostalgia. Amy also sang solo at some individual tables, we were pleasantly surprised to be selected for an amorous lap routine. It was quite noticeable that Amy is very much younger close up than at a distance in the various Ginger Rogers outfits and hair styles. A credit to a young person for such a professional performance. At the conclusion of the second segment Amy and Ross were joined in a flesh type performance by 15 Chinese dancers, obviously from a Chinese Dance Club who put on a credible performance.The celebrations concluded on time at noon and we all went home exhausted ready for an afternoon siesta.
Peter Podolak