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On 11 April 2019, the Combined Probus Club of Knox Inc. hosted a “Probus Information Day” at the Stanford Hotel, Rowville, and on 12 April 2019 (the next day) the Manningham Probus Interest Group hosted its tenth “Probus Information Day” at the East Doncaster Baptist Church, Donvale.


Approximately 170 Probians from about 57 Probus Clubs attended.


Margaret Robinson, Past Probus South Pacific Board Member, conducted each day in a very professional and instructive way.


All attendees were provided with new ideas that will undoubtedly improve their existing personal skills and thus lead to benefitting their particular Club in the future.


The days also allowed informal partnerships to be created between the different participants that hopefully will further enhance relationships and socialisation, and lead to further sharing of activities between Clubs.


The days also gave participants the opportunity to make and develop new friendships for the future.


Each day started with Margaret Robinson presenting instruction and guidance on various important Probus management and procedural matters.

This was followed by attendees moving into particular ” Break - out Groups” of their own interest where they could share ideas with each other relative to their own particular office, position, or interest within their Club.


After this, an open forum was held where many ideas that were discussed and developed in the particular “Break - out Groups” were shared with all present.


Advice has been received from several Clubs that they have already implemented procedures learnt on the day, and from other Clubs that they propose taking some of what was learnt back to their own Club Committees.


Attendees have strongly indicated that these functions should be conducted on a regular basis.


It has also been suggested that as many Probians as possible attend future Information Days, particularly Office Bearers or Club members interested in taking on an office in the future, to learn further information about Probus.