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On 2 October 2019, 20 members and friends of the Donvale Hill Probus Club Incorporated together with about 120 other Seniors from the Manningham area visited the Manningham City Council Civic Room for a Senior's Cheese, Wine Tasting and Musical evening to celebrate the opening of Seniors week in Manningham. 

The hostess for the evening was the Mayor of Manningham, Councillor Paula Piccinini, who began the evening with a very interesting short talk incorporating telling all about living in Manningham. 

The evening was a huge success with everyone almost constantly eating platters of different types of cheese, biscuits, and fruit, as well as drinking wines, soft drinks, tea and coffee as they listened and danced to a musical tribute to the Beatles. 

It was considered by many that the favourite tune was the Yellow Submarine. 

Almost everyone joined in singing many of the songs that were played by the Australian Beetlez band throughout the evening. 

A night enjoyed by all.

Ken Falconer   OAM