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Tram Boat Cruise No 1

Donvale Hill Probus Club enjoyed a cruise on the Tramboat, organised by Ken Falconer in conjunction with Lamble Tours.

The boat picked us up at Docklands, cruised through dock areas to Williamstown, regaled us with fish and chips followed by a cruise back via the naval dock area and nice views of Melbourne lights at night time.A happy and interesting outing.


Tram Boat Cruise No 2  “Oh What a Night”.
A very happy group of Probus Christmas Revellers from three Probus Clubs set off from Doncaster for a mystery destination with vivacious Vicki and her intrepid partner Herbie, organised by the Probus Club of Donvale Hill Incorporated.
Donvale Hill Probus Club enjoyed the company of the two other Probus Clubs from the Doncaster and Templestowe area (Doncaster Central and Templestowe Valley Probus Clubs) on the night. 
First of all Vickie and Herbie took us on a tour of the side streets of Kew with many low tree branches touching the roof of the coach as we slowly navigated our way down the side streets to Studley Park.
What a wonderful setting on a perfect night weatherwise to have Christmas drinks and nibbles. The Prawn Dip was sensational. 
In typical Probian manner all chatted like a big happy family the whole night.
Back on board the coach, the tour made way to the Docklands and all walked across the promenade to the Tramboat. This was certainly going to be a fun night judging by the hilarity as all boarded the boat. 
The boat captain even made the Safety Demonstration entertainment with one of the group demonstrating the Life Jacket in a hilarious fashion. I’m sure the airlines won’t be copying this form of demonstration for their passengers!
A great crew and a very informative commentary about the history of the Port of Melbourne was given by our Captain as we cruised past container ships and luxury boats. A great night to be on both the Yarra and Port Phillip Bay, very calm and a wonderful sunset saw the group eventually arrive at Williamstown. The Tramboat was even followed by the Water Police for a while until they must have decided the Tramboat passengers were a Seniors Group and were not going to cause them any trouble. All aboard waved them off as they proceeded towards St Kilda,
At Williamstown, very hot fish and chips were delivered on-board from a fish and chip shop in Williamstown. Delicious. With the bar serving drinks and an entertaining crew and companions, all thought they would hit the 70’s Disco scene like teenagers!
If the Water Police had of seen the group on the way back they would have caught some hilarious singing and dancing to YMCA, some great Abba   music, with some some Elvis thrown in. 
A truly memorable night, with the Captain voting all aboard the best group they had taken out.
Herbie then took us on a drive through Melbourne which looks spectacular at night. 
It was a weary and somewhat hoarse group of Probians when they arrived back at Doncaster. 
But “Oh What A Night”. I think we sang that too!
Many Thanks to Ken, Vicki and Herbie
(Denise Carrig)