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 Nineteen Probians from the Probus Club of Donvale Hill Inc. (plus one granddaughter) enjoyed a great day out having an interesting & informative tour of The William Angliss Institute followed by a delicious three course lunch.

 William Angliss is the specialist centre for the foods, tourism, hospitality & events industries with more than 7000 students, 60% local & 40% international.   It is a very varied & busy centre.  The international students this year are mostly South Korean, in previous years mostly Indian & before that Vietnamese.

 The tour commenced with Angeline (the guide), taking all to the second floor where the group was introduced to the Flying Simulator, sitting in airline seats where students do part of their flight attendant, and  first aid course working in a very confined space.

From here, the group visited three mini motel training suites, each one a different style, one having a Japanese influence with a bath!  I member offered to become a guest if they needed "guest training" .  They unfortunately did not take up the offer!

 The Group then moved on to view through the windows the bread making kitchen, patisserie kitchen where the students were assembling croquembouche, the chocolate & sugar laboratory, but unfortunately it wasn't operating that day but we did see wonderful creations in glass showcases that the students had made.  The final kitchen viewed was the dessert preparation & plate presentation.

 As the tour continued walked on we realised the enormity of the College was recognised. It takes up almost the entire block in Latrobe St. from Spencer to King St.  There are seven buildings in all, the original one built in 1940 the facade of which is heritage listed. There is a very pleasant outdoor seating area and a surprisingly large & prolific herb garden.

 Next stop - the retail outlet- as vanilla slices were on the cooking menu that day. Most of the group bought some to take home - what a bargain - 4 or 5 for $4.00.  There were also lots of other goodies to buy, breads, pies etc. depending on what was on the cooking menu that day.  The general public are invited to shop there, so anytime you are in town, take a walk up Latrobe St. and you will find it. There is also a small cafe/coffee shop.

 Now it was time for lunch - into one of their three dining rooms set up with two round tables to seat ten per table.

 Firstly all the students offered the choice of 3 drinks - a mocktail, a Baileys Irish Cream based cocktail & a Whisky Sour, the very refreshing mint laced mocktail proved popular.

Lunch was the choice of four different foods for each of three courses. All were not disappointed, the taste was delicious, the presentation excellent, and the service very good.

The students work in the dining room one day per week to gain experience in all facets of hospitality.

 We have been on quite a few activities that Ken has organised and we would recommend that more members take the opportunity of attending these outings. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Ken for taking the time to arrange these outings for our pleasure & enjoyment.

A great day out!

 Marlene Gibson