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Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc.A0009713S

Meeting the second Thursday of every month,

10 am–12 noon, Community of Christ Church,

2 Logan Street, Frankston

PO BOX 7109. Karingal Centre, 3199






               President:            Susan Lindsay    0408 140 469       Secretary    Vera Runacres   0408 586 914

Vice President:   Anita Davies:      0438 862 091       Treasurer:    Terhy Jones:     5971 1128






Our speaker today is Patricia Dennis, authoress,

Birthdays: There is only 1 birthday in May, girls and that’s Shirley Griffith 5th. Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Shirley


Welfare: Joan Clough, Marie Smith & Lois Cullis have all been unwell with the some “lurgy”, but I understand they are all on the way to feeling a bit better. Hopefully they might be at the meeting today.

At the time of “going to press” Ilma will be ready for discharge from St. John of God rehab after her heart surgery;  she wants to say thank you so much to all her friends for the “get well” cards and phone calls she has received these past weeks; she is extremely grateful and quite blown away.

Don’t forget, if you know of someone who is unwell, please let Joan (9750 6209) or Vija (9781 4635) know.


Upcoming Guest Speakers:

13 Jun      Gary Newton – will talk on a number of subjects, including working in the Australian Media.

11 Jul       Terry & Lynn Dean – experiencing the Kokoda track.

8 Aug       Goldie Alexander – authoress - The Convict Diary of Elizabeth Harvey and two other books

12 Sep      Beverley Brock – speaking about her life with partner Peter Brock.

10 Oct      The Manager of Garden World, James Wall, is coming to talk to us about all things gardening.

14 Nov     Paul Lucas – Armchair Travel Photo Library.

12 Dec     TBA


Upcoming Coffee Mornings:

16 May    An old fashioned Slide show showing many of our outings, coffee mornings, etc from back in the day. I think this will prove to be a nostalgic walk down memory lane girls.

20 Jun      Bring along something you have that you think is interesting and tell us the history.

18 Jul       Fashion show with Blumes fashions – I’m not sure but I think we might need a couple of models.

15 Aug     Nutrimetics demonstration by our own Hina – a volunteer is required!

19 Sep      Soup Kitchen - $10.00 admission. As per previous soup kitchen mornings, four different soups will be offered.

17 Oct      Accessories are Us with Vivienne Gallagher – nothing over $30.

21 Nov     Pizza for lunch anybody - $10 admission.

19 Dec     Bargain Basement Pop-up-shop – last minute Christmas gifts.


Outings:   FYI: From now on please assume all outings will be in the small bus. It’s unfortunate but we cannot get the numbers needed to cover the costs to go in the bigger bus unless we share an outing with another club.  If we can’t find a club to share it’s either the small bus or there will be no outing at all.


23 May    Visit to Creswick Woollen Mills, Hawthorn – pick up 9.00am - $20.00 - morning tea, fashion  parade, door prize – Lunch at own expense at Racecourse Hotel, Caulfield.  BOARD OUT   

27 Jun     Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Docklands – P/up time is 9.00am, cost $35.00, lunch at own  expense – this price includes the coach and a turn on the wheel. BOARD OUT.


NEWSFLASH: you can just pay the $20.00 p/p bus fee and sit it out if you don’t want to go on the wheel. Whilst the girls have their ride those of us who opted not to go on the wheel can wander and look at the shops, perhaps have a coffee and a chat.  Once the girls have had their ride on the wheel we’ll all meet up for lunch. 

25 Jul      ANNIVERSARY LUNCH/ CHRISTMAS IN JULY – time to dress up girls, let’s celebrate our  35th Anniversary at Sanctuary House, Badgers Creek, Healesville. P/up 9.15am. $50.00 per head for a two course buffet luncheon with live entertainment. Morning tea/toilet stop at McDonald’s,  Croydon at own expense.  A larger bus will be considered if more than 24 want to go on this outing.  BOARD OUT         

Please note that it’s 9.15am pickup.

22 Aug   Lunch at the Bear House, Sladen Street, Cranbourne – make own way – BOARD OUT

26 Sep    Loel Thompson’s Vintage Clothing Museum, Bulleen –  Pick up at 9.00am – Lunch at own expense at Manningham Hotel, Bulleen. Cost $25.00 plus lunch at own expense. (being $5.00 entry to museum, $20.00 p/p for the bus). Larger bus will be employed if more than 24 wish to         go. For those of you who have never been before, believe me - this is an outing not to be missed. The museum houses over 2,000 costumes so even if you’ve been before it doesn’t matter; the displays get changed every six months and it’s a chance to get out and about with your friends BOARD OUT

24 Oct    Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park, 220 Tyabb-Tooradin Road, Pearcedale – make own way, lunch at own expense (perhaps at the Sanctuary or maybe a local hotel-TBA). This is a car pool outing; we plan to leave Karingal at 9.15am in convoy, morning tea on arrival. There are animal encounters to be had if you want, you pay extra on the day (eg: cuddle a koala, hold a barn owl, hold a python or play with a dingo). If you can help with transport please let Helen or Susan know - BOARD OUT

28 Nov   Lunch (somewhere local) – TBA

16 Dec    Christmas lunch at Norwood House. PLEASE NOTE THE 16TH IS A MONDAY.  Details will be advised closer to the date.                                                                                                                 

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Puzzle corner (with thanks to my free Coffee News): The answer to last month’s question: “Who directed and starred in Blazing Saddles” is Mel Brookes 

This month’s question shows up frequently at Trivial Pursuit nights:  “What do you call a group of baboons?” Answer next month.


Here’s a little bit of humour to lighten your day:

  • ·         I don’t like to think before I speak – I like to be just as surprised as everybody else about what comes out of my mouth.
  • ·         Friendship is when people know all about you – but like you anyway.
  • ·         It doesn’t matter how big your house is, or how much money you have, or that you wear expensive clothes; our graves will all be the same size – stay humble.
  • ·         What did our parents do when they were bored with no Internet? I asked my 18 brothers and sisters, they didn’t know either!
  • ·         Do you know that the brain is the most amazing organ? It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from birth until you fall in love. Then you’re on your own!
  • ·         I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People get out of the way much faster now.
  • ·         You know that tingly feeling you get when you meet someone new and you really like him? That’s common sense leaving your body.
  • ·         I decided to start calling the toilet “Jim”. I feel so much better now saying I went to the Jim this morning.
  • ·         Why do I have to “Press 1” for English? You’re just going to transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway.
  • ·         Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice.
  • ·         At my age “getting lucky” means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.
  • ·         The biggest lie I tell myself is: “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it!!!”
  • ·         You know how good life is? The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant and they don’t have acne!


Thanks for coming today ladies,