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A SHORT INTRODUCTION to The Probus Club of Grovedale Marshall Inc. Club Number N9004163


The formation of our club began with the strong financial and moral support of the Grovedale Waurn Ponds Rotary Club, and our membership has benefitted from the guidance and experience of this affiliation. Our constitution has been set by Probus South Pacific, and our finances have been independently audited by Ken Wright, also an active member of the Grovedale : Waurn Ponds Rotary Club

Our founding members and steering committee set our club membership at 80 so that we could encourage the development of new and valued friendships – and this has certainly worked over the last 6 years. By bringing together people with a vast array of life skills and experiences, as well those with particular expertise in specific areas of previous employments – existing members and new members certainly have little difficulty in finding someone to share their thoughts with.

Our monthly meetings (although recently impacted by COVID) begin with the presentation of reports and discussion of current issues, with all members having the opportunity for input. Birthday chocolates, door prizes for flowering plants, and the acknowledgement of special events make these most enjoyable.

After a morning tea/coffee break – including ‘catch-up’ time – we resume for a guest speaker. Our members have been very fortunate to share in some highly-interesting and often amazing, quality input from our many and varied presenters.

In addition to our monthly meetings our members also arrange informal meals (there is always one after each meeting), a walking group, film mornings/afternoons, book swaps, short trips, longer overnight travels, and even more opportunities to ‘meet and eat’ make the Probus Club of Grovedale Marshall a safe and welcoming place to be.

When I started to plan this introduction I began by writing a list of the names of members who had made contributions, some large - some small -  to our club. My list was two pages long, still growing and I was certain that I was missing names – so began again, several more times. 

Let me just say that to the best of my knowledge all Probus Club of Grovedale Marshall members have made extremely worthwhile contributions to their families and to their wider communities. Some may initially appear to be shy or firmly set in their ways, but all have ‘hearts of gold’.

All of our members have much more to share, so why not join us ... you do not have to be a member to attend the first few meetings.

Robert Palmer

Foundation President