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Campbell Town’s home-grown chainsaw sculptor, Eddie Freeman, created a series of macrocarpa pine memorials to the town’s rich heritage. The sculptures capture some of the essence of the natural and human history of Campbell Town in these finely detailed carvings in the trunks and limbs of the 80 year old trees. The sculptures are in Blackburn Park beside the Red Bridge.

Devil’s Corner Winery..half way between Bicheno and Swansea. Also one of the huge bumble bees found all over Tasmania 😳🐝🐝

The Pondering Frog Cafe , Bicheno. Must ask Jacqui and Carmel what they added to their "coffee"!

Spiky Bridge was built by convicts in the mid 19th century on the east coast of Tasmania located 7.5 kilometres from the town of Swansea. The bridge is made from field stones laid without mortar or cement and the parapet features upright stones, giving the bridge a spiky appearance.

BUILT TO COMMEMORATE THOSE “WHO helped shape the past and present of Tasmania’s central highlands,” the Wall in the Wilderness is a three-meter-high work in progress. Carved panels tell - or will tell, when complete - the complete history of the harsh Central Highlands region dating back to the indigenous people. The panels will progress through the pioneering timber harvesters, pastoralists, miners, and Hydro workers.

The Nut is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug with a large, mostly flat surface that can be circumnavigated on foot (hence its original name, Circular Head). This was eagerly walked up by Wendy and Pam Simpson…followed by Carmel and Glenda..🚶‍♀️ Some went by chair lift!