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Thank you to Carmel Sanderson for your wonderful collage of photos of this two day excursion


Thirteen members of the Grovedale Marshall Probus Club embarked on a two-day trip to Bendigo on Thursday 24th March. Included in this trip was a visit to the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

Central Deborah Gold Mine was one of over 5,500 registered gold mines on the famous Bendigo goldfields. It operated from 1939-1954 and successfully extracted 929kg of gold.

Our brave members donned a hard hat and miner's lamp and descended 61 metres beneath the surface to Level 2 of the mine where they were guided through the honeycomb of tunnels with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. There they discovered what the conditions as a miner were really like and saw what was involved in unearthing the one ton of gold that was discovered at Central Deborah Gold Mine.