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Beautiful Campbelltown and Ross.

The Red Bridge in Campbelltown is made up of one million Convict handmade bricks.  The Ross bridge was completed in 1836 and has 31 carvings over the top of each arch. (186 altogether)

Ross is the home of the scallop pies where we enjoyed our lunch in beautiful weather.

Thank you Carmel Sanderson for recording the visit with wonderful photographs. 

Note Pam trying to get a closer look at the Tasmanian Devil… Very courageous!

Sheffield has rightly earnt the reputation as Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery. Murals adorn the buildings on the main streets in town and have spread into the neighbouring areas, with over 200 now available to view. The murals in town tell the history of the area; people that have lived here, events that have happened and some of the natural attractions that can be found in the Kentish Municipality.

Wendy informed us that the gentleman with the Alpaca was in the Main Street ten years ago when they were there. Put the Alpaca down Carmel, you can't take him home!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Cary Lewincamp’s amazing  guitar playing and workshop on guitar making.

Tasmania’s first penal settlement was established on the remote west-coast island in January 1822, and was intended to strike fear into the heart of convicts – this was one of the harshest convict prisons ever created.  (whoops! sorry for the inversions).