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Norfolk Island October 2023

Trish Whitely, Joy Parker and Chris Welsh show how groups of members can make new friends within our club and head off for some amazing adventures together. Many thanks to Trish for the photos. 

We visited the Pitcairn Island Settlers Village. The original Bailey homestead, gardens and various outbuildings were filled with beautifully preserved artefacts, and history recounted by our very informative guide Hanu, a 9th generation Christian descendant. We got to ride on the 1926 Ford vehicle which had arrived on Norfolk Island flat-packed, via Geelong. Enjoyed the inspiring story of Marie Bailey’s many entrepreneurial ideas, including starting what is now Pine Trees Tours. Cyclorama, brilliant diorama inspired by Marie and painted by local artists, depicts the journey of settlement. Adjourning was the Queen Victoria Gardens with a boundary of poincianas, unfortunately not yet in flower.

Some of us did the early morning bush walk in magnificent Palm Glen Reserve, then all met for delicious bbq breakfast with stunning views on the cliff tops above Anson Bay. In the afternoon, visits to spectacular views at Ball Bay and points round to Bumboras, with cheese and wine at the Botanic Gardens. In the evening, three local families welcomed us into their homes for a delicious progressive dinner, and tales of their island life and history. Fantastic food, lovely people and fascinating stories.


An extract from Trish's diary!

After a week of perfect weather, wild winds and rain today for our tour of the convict colony. The Kingston waterfront’s mood had changed from peaceful blue waters of previous visits, to thundering waves, and magnificent rolling white caps in moody seas as the storm clouds passed overhead. We dodged showers and heard the stories of the penitentiary remains, and viewed the many amazing buildings, some beautifully restored and in use especially on Quality Row. Our knowledgeable driver Max then told us fascinating stories of some of those buried in the first settlers section of cemetery. We heard news that today’s flight from Sydney got to 500 ft above Norfolk and returned to Sydney, unable to land with the next load of visitors, and leaving todays returnees on the Island another day. We are due to leave tomorrow, so hoping the winds abate.