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Active Retirees is the national Probus South Pacific Limited magazine,

Covering much of your reading needs, Active Retirees includes stimulating articles and expert advice about travel, finance, technology, and health as well as all the latest news from your Probus clubs. This is all tailored to the needs of over-55s.

Each edition also profiles members, interest groups or speakers, and includes poetry and stories submitted by you.   

Want to see more? The current issue is online and available now at

 You will also find previous issues available on that page too.


These newsletters provide opportunities for our head office team to share ideas of things you can do at home and what is happening within the Probus Community. Staying connected with Probus e-newsletter can be read here 


The Victorian Probian is the official newsletter of the Probus Association of Victoria Inc. It circulates to over 40,000 Probians plus their partners throughout Victoria. You are now able to get the Victorian Probian on-line at  as Covid restrictions have caused print versions to be discontinued temporarily.