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Memories of 2023

December Meeting: Wednesday 13 December

Congratulations, Margaret, on your Life Membership!
And a Merry Christmas to all our members! 

Christmas Luncheon: Wednesday 22 November


Melbourne Cup Lunch: 7 November

What a fun day!!

Picnic in the Park: Roxborough Park Rose Gardens: Wednesday 25 October

A report from Judy!

A Probus outing on the 25th;  a picnic in the sun,

It was a great get-together, full of friendship and fun.

25 ladies, dressed in blue and gold;

Colours for Probus month, so we were told.

Lots of Probus ladies wore their yellow and blue.

Marge, Vicki, Di and a yellow hat for Sue.

Some ladies decided to tour the Waves Pool.

Elaine donned a rug as she was feeling cool.

The gardens were just lovely! Roses of every hue.

There were blooms in yellow, red, white and pink too.

Some ladies went for coffee, others for some eats.

We chatted and we laughed as we ate our picnic treats.

So next time there's an outing, be sure to add your name.

 It was a great get-together and we're all glad we came!


October Meeting: 11 October

Welcome Mariette and Louise!

September meeting: 13 September


 Congratulations, Di, on receiving your 15 year membership badge!

Lunch at Doyles at Watsons Bay: 16 August

We had 18 members attend lunch at Doyle's. We travelled by train, bus and ferry. Some arrived at Circular Quay early so we had a coffee at Rossini’s. I was surprised, instead of fighting off seagulls and pigeons, we had a pair of rainbow lorikeets flying in. One sat on the hedge while the other sat on a table with a couple having morning tea. It may happen a lot but I have never seen them in a restaurant. But then I don't go to the city very much. We all met on the wharf where we boarded our ferry for Watsons Bay. On arrival we had a glass of wine or soft drink, followed by a delicious seafood chowder. Then came a huge plate of fish and chips. I particularly liked having a small group because I met some ladies I had not met before. Overall, we had a great day. Thank you, Kim.

Report by Marilyn Allen

August Meeting: 9 August


Welcome to Probus, Margot!


Christmas in July: 26 July

Report to come soon. 

Our new banner is on display for the first time! Doesn't it look great!


July Meeting: 12 July

Welcome Mahini and Christine!

Hawkesbury Races: 29 June

Thanks to Probus reporter, Carole!

A day at the races for some is a very serious event - strictly business, but not for the Baulkham Hills Ladies Probus Club. For us, it was about being out and about and enjoying what was on offer...experiencing the warmth of the Winter sun through the vast glass windows, overlooking the track whilst hoping for a lucky win.

Lunch was in the Hawkesbury Race Club dining room. There was an extensive selection of mains to choose from, and to tempt us, very generous servings of all things sweet, followed by tea and coffee.

Then it was time to study the official race book. Unaccustomed to betting, we benefitted from a race tip aired on Radio 2GB......listening and memory skills received a tick for the day. :)

This was another top social day out to file in our memories, thanks to Kim and Margaret. 

For the ladies who couldn't join us, maybe next year?


Eating, talking and planning our bets!


Waiting to see if we've won!

The view from our room


Did we win?? Did we win??


We won!!


Margaret is still waiting to find her horse!


June Meeting: 14 June

Welcome, Robyn!
Congratulations, Margaret on your 10 year membership badge. 

Ladies Who Lunch: Arthur Street Cafe: Wednesday 29 May


15 ladies gathered for lunch at the Arthur St Cafe. We were given our own private room downstairs, which was lovely, if a bit noisy. Mind you, we were the ones making the noise! The menu was great with an all day breakfast menu as well as the lunch menu. I believe the breakfast pancakes were delicious!!  :)

The owners have had a bit of fun creating fun names for each item on the menu such as "Give Peas a Chance", So Mushroom in My Belly", Hasta Lasagne Baby" and "All I Avocado Wanted". It was a fun lunch!


Our Birthday Lunch: Wednesday 24 May

What a lovely day! What a lovely lunch! 76 members attended Springfield House for a delicious meal, wine and some fun with friends. We celebrated the memberships of some ladies who have been members for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and even 25 years!!

On arrival, we enjoyed canapes with friends, and drinks.

The queue at the bar!!!! 

Finding a seat with our friends!

Congratulations on receiving your 10 year badges, Karen and Margaret! 


 Congratulations on receiving your 15 year badges, Irene and Dianne! 


Congratulations on receiving your 20 year badge, Judith! 

Congratulations on receiving your 25 year badge, Margaret! 
We all enjoy the annual lucky door prize draw that we hold at our birthday lunch. Thank you to Kim and Margaret for organising the prizes and an extra big thank you to Margaret who wrapped all the presents, making to prize table look absolutely magical!

We are seated and ready to enjoy our meal!!



 And finally ...... our lucky door prize winners!!

Sylvie collected a prize for Kay


 May Meeting: Wednesday 10 May

 Welcome to new members, Verlie and Jennifer!

Thank you to Judy, Keren, Anne and Di for the delicious morning tea. We were truly spoilt by so many delicious home cooked delights!


Thank you once again, Elaine and Pam, for organising the raffle and, once again looking fabulous!! Dame Edna would have been so very proud!! 

 Congratulations to our Mothers' Day raffle winners!
Our last prize was the beautiful bouquet of Mother's Day flowers. Congratulations!!

Picnic in the Park at Winston Hills: Wednesday 26 April


April General Meeting

Our 2023 Vice President is sworn in.
Welcome to Probus to our new inductees.

Lunch at Cafe Ser: Wednesday 29 March

St Patrick's Day Lunch at The Fiddler: Wednesday 15 March

43 ladies gathered at The Fiddler for a delicious St Patrick's Day meal and some great company. On arrival, we were greeted with a chilled glass of bubbly. The Fiddler provided live entertainment, and despite the sound system not being very clear, we still enjoyed ourselves. And huge congratulations to the ladies who wore something green! You looked fabulous!


Our meal was an irish stew, wrapped in pastry!


And an apple tart for dessert.

 I hope you enjoy all the shades of green.....


Thanks for organising, Kim and Margaret!

A demonstration of Irish Dancing!

Singing along to the words of the Australian ballad, Botany Bay......

Singing toorali-orali-addity
Singing toorali-oolari-ai
Singing toorali-ollari-addity
We're bound for Botany Bay

Is our secretary leading us astray???? 
Good fun was had by all!

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 8 March

2023 President, Ange's, last speech


Welcome 2023 President, Vicki.


Di does a great job of running our AGM! 


 Congratulations to Pam, our 2023 Junior Vice President.


Congratulations to Sylvia, our 2023 Welfare Officer.


Congratulations to Kim, our 2023 Outings Organiser.


Congratulations to Margaret, our 2023 Assistant Outings Organiser.


Congratulations to Carmel, our 2023 Treasurer.


Congratulations to Anne, our 2023 Guest Speaker Organiser. 


Congratulations to Margaret, our 2023 Newsletter and Publicity Officer.


Congratulations to Vicki, our 2023 Public Officer.


Congratulations to Lorraine, our 2023 Membership Officer.


 Congratulations to Elaine, our 2023 Assistant Membership Officer.


Meet our 2023 Baulkham Hills Probus Executive Team! 


Vicki receives her Presidential Chains of Cffice! 


2023  President, Vicki's first speech 


A big thank you to 2022 Past President, Robyn, for her help and guidance throughout the year. 


A big thank you to 2022 President, Angela, for her leadership and guidance throughout the year.  And a welcome to the position of Past President.


Opal Trip to Manly: Wednesday 22 February

Probus Outing to Manly

By Judy Hooker

I'm here to tell the story of our Manly trip with Probus,
Due to absences and rain there were only ten of us.
Four of us found each other at jetty number 3,
A few more then joined us, after having their coffee.
Kim was coming from Rydalmere, on a ferry one hour late
Because of certain ladies, she had had to wait.
So seven of us headed off for Manly, on the Victor Chang we sat,
We were ready for the rocking as the seas weren't very flat.
Then the ferry suddenly stopped, and the reason did become clear,
There were 2 1/2 metre waves to cross and for our safety they did fear.
So the ferry didn't get to Manly, it had to turn around,
The seven of us inside, back to the city we were bound.
We joined up with Kim, and another two,
Discussed different options of what we planned to do.
We discussed different places where we could go to eat
The Rocks is where we chose, a place that's hard to beat.
The place was Italian with a glass of wine.
Lunch was delicious! Such a great place to dine!
So we didn't make it to Manly, and there was no sun,
But us ladies from Probus, we did have fun!




February General Meeting: Wednesday 8 February

Our first meeting of the year saw a whopping 93 ladies attend! And it was so lovely to catch up with old and new faces. ("Old faces" said with the utmost respect!!). We celebrated Jean achieving her 90th birthday. Happy birthday, Jean!!


Lunch at The Vicar: 25 January

45 members attended our first lunch for the year. As you can see, it was a very relaxing and happy time to catch up!