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 Here are the details for online payments.






When paying for an event or outing, if possible would you please pay either online, or with cash
When paying online, please pay for each event individually and make sure you add your last name.
If paying with cash, please put cash in a securely sealed envelope. Also please ensure that you clearly write your name, the name of the event and enclosed dollar amount on the outside of that securely sealed envelope. 

Annual Fees ($55) are due in March each year.

When paying for membership, it is preferable if you can pay online. Please include the following details when paying online (Smith (enter your surname)   $63  Xmas Luncheon). Also please pay for each event individually.

If you can only pay by cheque, please make the cheque payable to Ladies Probus Club of Baulkham Hills and enclose it in an envelope with your name on the front.

A quick reminder.....

It helps the ladies at the membership desk if members have the correct money when paying their tea if you find a $5 note in your purse, you could put it away in a safe place to use to pay your tea money. I know that would be greatly appreciated by the ladies doing the counting, and also keeps the attendance line moving!