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Memories of 2024!

July General Meeting: Wednesday 10 July

Happy special birthday, M.H!

Parramatta Female Factory: Wednesday 26 June

The Female Factory 

To the female factory our Probus group went, to see sandstone buildings where these convicts were sent.

We met Judith Dunn, who gave an informative talk as through the complex, we listened and did walk.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie commissioned this female factory, for about 25,000 convicts who had arrived in the colony.

These women came from England due to a committed crime, sent overseas for punishment and to do their time.

The foundation stone, in 1818, was laid, Francis Greenway, the architect truly paid!

The commemorative wall had first names of factory women inscribed, a short history of each convict being kept inside.

The factory classed women into first, second and third. The latter “penitentiary” for reasons quite absurd.

If a woman had a child, when that child reached 3, no longer with their mother could they be!

They were sent away to schools while mum stayed behind, to be punished under matron, who was not so kind!

We were told that the laundry was done in the river, but the thought of the sewerage in there made us shiver.

The tail of the term “piss pot” was rather grim. If you want more detail, just ask Kim!

We heard lots of tales that made us cringe. With our life today, we shouldn't whinge.

No, seriously, I have to say thanks to Kim for a wonderful day.

By our poet laurete, J.H ♥


Birthday Luncheon: Wednesday 22 May 

We are welcomed by our president,
Congratulations R, on your 20 year membership badge!
Congratulations E and M on your 15 year membership badge!
As usual, the table and raffle prizes looked amazing! We miss you MD andd look forward to seeing you back with us!

And the winners are.........


Opal Card Day: Leura: Thursday 9 May


May Meeting: Wednesday 8 May

Welcome to our 3 new members, Lesley, Shanti and Cheryl! 
Congrgratulations to M.A for winning the Mothers' Day Raffle 

Bus Trip to Camden: Wednesday 24 April

Morning Tea

Interesting Toilets??

Beautiful Views from Razorback Lookout


 Delicious Lunch at Camden Valley Inn


It was lovely to see Les again!


 Razorback Ridge Winery


Cheers from us to you!


Buying souvenirs from the winery


Does Vicki's concentration pay off?


Does Elaine's quoit hit the mark, or not?


AGM: Wednesday 13 March

Our President making her final report.
Our 2024 President receiving her "chains of office"
Out new President's first speech
Thank you V.P!
Thank you A.M!
Thank you for everything, F.F!

Postman's Run: Wednesday 28 February


Lunch at the Vicar: Wednesday 24 January

Thank you to Judy, our very own Poet Laureate!

Our First Probus outing for the year,
The Vicar on the 24th, full of good cheer.
 The day was filled with friendship and good fun,
In a lovely cool venue way out of the sun.
Most people were happy with what they ate,
Some not happy with food on their plate.
But at the end of the day we had coffee and tea
And the best part was we had it for free!
I met new people and the day was a treat,
For 50 ladies to get out of the heat.
So thanks to all who made it such fun.
And here’s to more occasions as the year’s just begun!.