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Kosciusko Summit

Keith Crompton at Perisher

 Porcupine Group  Moya gets rescued
 Cremorne Walk Group  Happy Hour Katoomba
Katoomba Group   Patti House Richmond Air Base


 Perisher Group  Perisher Porcupine Sign
 Katoomba Group  


Perisher Lodge Katoomba Grooup
Geroa Trip  


 At Porcupine Sign  Sentinel 
 Hugh and Mary made life members  Katoomba Group at Lockley's


Katoomba Group Walking Group Old Great North Road
Old Great North Road Morning tea at Bondi
Japanese Gardens at Gosford  


 Bill in the Christmas play  Kirribilli Walk
 Lane Cove walk  Harbour Walk
 Bob, Hugh and Angus "playing up"  Hugh looking gorgeous
 Shirley, Marie and Moya looking great  Angus, Bill, Bob and Phil


 Philip as incoming President  At the Megalong Tearooms
 Xmas party at Bobbin Head  


At the glow worm tunnel Katoomba Group
Visiting the glow worm tunnel Coff Harbour trip


Fern Bower walk On the roof of Australia
Pindari Lodge Thredbo  Alison and Angus at President installation
 Milton Park  Hunter Valley gardens


Snow at Thredbo Our "Grand Canyon"
 Centennial Park  Max and Angus inspect the Milton gold dredge
 Milton tour


 Joan cooking up a storm at Thredbo  Morning tea at Ramshead Ridge
 Jill, Elaine and June at Katoomba  Evening relaxation at Katoomba
 Allison is happy  Sea cliff bridge walk
 Taking a break at South Head  Along the Cowan Track
 Greenbriar  Murray River trip
 Murray River - Manning riverside  Murray River bus group
 Murray river cliff scenery  Beautiful cliffs
 Our group onshore  Murray River land tour
 Our boat ashore  Small boat cruise on the Murray River


 Pindari Lodge at Thredbo  On the way to Mt Kosciusko
 Hanging out at Thredbo  Resting at Thredbo
 Now for the evening rest  A poem by Max
 Nan inducts Derek as the new President  Cremorne walk
 Dardanelles Pass  "Little" Don at Broken Hill
 Gus at Bourke  Kinchega Woolshed
 Menindee breakfast  Menindee cruise
 PV Jandra at Bourke  The Scott's on Jandra
 White Cliffs  White Cliffs motel
 White Cliffs motel foyer  Lunch at Tilpa
 Mungo Walls  Ray explains to unbelievers!
 Muogamurra  Bondi - Sculpture by the sea


Max and Angus at Thredbo Alan supervising men's work
Bert and Don at Thredbo  The bakery at Thredbo
 Don enjoys the wildflowers  Thredbo 2008 group
 Thredbo on way to Kosciusko  Max on top of the world
 At Porcupine Rocks  Alan and Bert take a rest
 Three wise men at Katoomba  Solving the world's problems
 The three Katoomba card sharks  This is a really serious problem
 Visiting HMAS Parramatta  Palm Beach to Bobbin Head
 Visiting the tulip festival  Joadja


Geoff at Thredbo Thredbo group 2009
Derek and Brian President's installation April picnic
Wentworth Falls Zig Zag Station
Zig Zag Railway bridge Lunchtime on visit to the wildflower gardens
 Katoomba group 2009  CMS venue at Katoomba
 Resting at Lockleys Pylon at Katoomba  On to Wentworth Falls
 2009 Katoomba Group  Our secret Katoomba lookout
 National Pass group  At Porter's Pass
 Ray keeping us informed  On the Illawarra Fly tree walk
 Narrabeen Cliff top walk  Culture


 Joan and Cheery "puzzling" at Thredbo  Kosciusko summit 2010
 Morning tea at Deadhorse Gap  Geoff and Bob planning
 Helen, Nancy and Rose at Katooomba  Moyan and Rosemarie

 Three sisters 

 Angus, Max and Geoof
 Derek at Katoomba 2010  Gail and Rosemarie at Katoomba 2010
 Geoff, Suzette and Bob still organising  Gillian and Angus
Gwen Dining room Katoomba 2010
Three sisters again Visting the Gap 2010 
Hawkesbury Cruising The girls are having a great time on the water
Nothing as good as the Hawkesbury Beautiful boat, beautiful waterway
The "Jet Set" on the aft deck  
Huskisson 2010  


2012 Group gathers at Dead Horse Gap Traversing the Katoomba Cascades
John, Don, Bert, Cherry and Peter at Lockyer's Pass  Bob and Peter at Govett's Leap
 Visiting Scultures by the Sea at Bondi  On our traditional Long Reef walk and luncheon


 At Thredbo 2012  2012 Group at Porcupine sign
 Stopping for luch at North Head  Nan is getting the news
 Judy at Broken Hill On the Big Seat at Broken Hill 
 Bill is buckled up and ready to go  
Broken Hill - Judy and Merv with John supervising
  Both sides were happy
 The ladies being blown away at Cameron's corner  Checking out the Dingo fence
 Broken Hill "Gospel Van"  Cameron's Corner transport in Tipooburra
 Merv and Julie at the Darling River  On the old Bourke Bridge
 Silverton Invitation  The Tilpa Pub
 All peeking at Warragamba Dam  Lunch on the Long Track- Kuringai National Park
 Probus Tech Group  


Thredbo Kitchen Group - Len cooked that!! 2013 Visit to Porcupine Rocks
Clifton Gardens Pulpit Rock

Hawkesbury Cruise 2013
Canberra was a bit cool John and Judy at the Arboretum
Rosemarie having a ball at the fairground

Christmas luncheon 2013

 Alec and Rosemary  Norma
 Audrey and Janet  Bill and Rosemary
 Cherry and Susan  Daryl and Brian
 Diane and Eddy  Doug and Glennis
 Greg and Val  Jenny and Dorothy
 Julie and Merv  Kath and Gail
 Nancy, Ronnie and Brian  Norm and Noeline
 Pam and Clive  Pat and Ailsa
 Roger and Rosemary  Rosemary, Len and Betty
 Valma, June and Bill  


Annette on top of the world 2014 Group at Kosciusko summit
Katoomba Group 2014
North Head 2014
 Little Hartley  A very focussed computer group
 Len is making his point  Daryl is thinking hard - will this really suit my home?