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King Island History and Culture Tour

Everyone had a fantastic and memorable visit. The scenery, the local culture and the local industries were all introduced to us in a very enthusiatic and knowledgable manner by our guide Matthew Archer.

Matthew is a fifth generation King Islander who not only operates the bus company and a large chunk of the tourist industry, he is als an active crayfisherman and abalone diver. He is a very impressive young entrepreneur with his heart dedicated to the island. His depth of knowledge was a delight to all of us.

Waiting patiently to board in Melbourne for our flight to King Island
On the bus after a great flight
A great view from our room
Off to lunch
Then onto the cheese tasting at King Island Dairy. Plenty of enthusiastic participants.




Then back on the bus for spectacular scenery




Early start the next morning and Matthew gives us information on our next visit to the kelp processing facility






We have now travelled along a wild and beautiful coastline with crystal clear waters to enjoy a wonderful

morning tea in a truly eclectically furnished open house with fresh scones, jam and cream.









Lunchtime at the local sailing club





Onto the most spectacular coastline


On to dinner with a spectacular view.




Off to visit the fairy penguins after dinner




Next morning travelling North



Lunch at a farm


The turkeys are just wild everywhere. The chickens lay real free range eggs.



At one of only two such lakes in Australia. A type of perched lake.




Back down to the sea






Checking out one of the truly fine golf courses



This is the hole that they use for the hole in one contest. Photo taken from the tee.


Dinner on our last night with a stunning view of the sunset


The original lighthouse prism at the museum



A wonderful time was enjoyed by all. Thank you Matthew Archer. You are an inspiring guide and individual.

Sue Fairclough