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Important Notice to Members Booking and Attending Club Activities during COVID 19 Restrictions

                        President's Report

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you a healthy and fulfilling 2024!! As always your committee is working very hard to bring you lots of interesting speakers and fun activities and events! Any assistance you would like to give is always most welcome! 

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Annual BBQ on Monday 8th January 2024! 

Warm wishes 

Christine McArthur 




                             Probus Insurance  -  Please read

A little-known fact is that if a member’s partner/spouse who is not a Club member attends meetings or outings of our Club three times or more per Probus year (that is, 1st April to 31st March), they are required to pay $16.75 per annum to our Club (the amount was previously $15.00 per annum).

Our Club then passes this amount on to Probus South Pacific and means that the person concerned is covered by Probus South Pacific’s insurance should there be any reason to make a claim.

Partners/spouses are always welcome. Please let the Secretary or another member of the Management Committee know if the above information applies to you.

Mentie Knowles, Secretary



Events/Activities COVID-19 Rules

The NSW Government has relaxed all Covid-19 restrictions as they apply to our monthly meetings. Although it is preferred that all members be fully vaccinated to attend any Probus Bobbin Head (PBH) event/meeting: 

  • there is no need to pre-register with the Club Secretary, prior to the meeting;
  • there is no requirement to log-in to the Turramurra Bowling Club (TBC) QR code and show the TBC representative their official Covid-19 vaccination certificate as proof of vaccination;
  • masks are not required but may be worn by the individual if they wish to do so; and
  • no social distancing rules apply.

New Members

We welcome new members who are keen to expand their activities and friendships. Please join us if you are interested in participating in the Club.