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                   The following is the latest events calendar for the next period.              



Members; If there is any news or you have some interesting/funny photos, don't forget to forward them for publication to...  

 -  Carolyn Pomroy                 Webmaster              [email protected]  

 -  Garry Sounness                  Probus Post             [email protected]                         

                                              Just waiting --- waiting --- waiting..

PS: If members are not receiving Club emails, our Communications Officer Elisabeth Enz has prepared a short notice about why emails are not delivered and what members can do about it.


Sending & forwarding emails to a large group can lead to recipients not receiving the messages.

Why you are not receiving the emails:

Services block emails to protect you from unwanted or malicious emails such as phishing, scams and spam. They are mistaking emails that you want for emails that you don’t want.  Emails might go into spam/junk box or are blocked by the provider’s filters that blacklist the sender email address.

Ask your email provider to unblock or whitelist the email address. 

Put the email address into your address book

Google how to whitelist an email address with your provider. (Bigpond, iinet, hotmail, gmail etc)

Elisabeth Enz Communication Officer