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                            **READERS GROUP**

                                                                                                  Leader:  GLEN SHINNERS                                                           

This is a group of readers who enjoy each others company.  

The Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month  1.00 - 3.00pm but it's usually closer to 4pm by the time they stop talking, trying to solve the problems of the world and eating afternoon tea.  If anyone wants to join the happy group you would be most welcome.            

                             SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS                                                                  *************************   

May 2023

The Book Readers Group                      

An assortment of fiction and non-fiction books were discussed at length and exchanged between members of the group.  As usual, there was conversation around many topics ranging from health to travel.  Glen provided a delicious afternoon tea that was enjoyed by all.  Thank you Glen