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                                                             Reg No - A1019730Z


                          Special Interest Groups


                Card Group               Caravan Group                 Investments Group           Wine & Cheese Gathering Group


          Walking Group                 Writers Group                           Reading Group                          Craft & Coffee  


                          Travel Group                          Solo Friendship Group                     and of course....                                                                                                                                                                                                 the 'Lunch' Group   


'AND'  we also have...  the "Outings & Activities Group"

that is made up of a panel of member who organise regular and exciting events like: 

Sundowners, Car rallies, quizes, picnics etc. 

And for the more're not forgotten...

We have 'Book and Puzzle Swap' as well...


As you can see by the above, the Mandurah Peel Club has many special interest groups ensuring we cater for the needs of all our members. 

This diverse range of activities should mean there is something of interest to suit everyone.


 GROUP / ACTIVITY                   LEADER

 Peels on Wheels Group         Toni/Steve Gomm, Maureen/Ron Stockley

 Outings Group                          Glen Shinners

 Lunch Group                                Winston Bell

 Craft & Coffee Group              Sue Locke

 Readers Group                         Glen Shinners

 Writers Group                          Jenny Terry

 Walking Group                         Val White & Norma Caple

 Travel Group                             Annie Clark

 Investments Group                Erwin Enz

 Solo Friendship Group           Gretchen Lumsden

 Wine & Cheese Group            Frank Hall      

 Peel Deals Group                     Dot Lloyd 

 Club photographer                 Carol House

 Book Exchange                            John Lafferty 

 Puzzle Exchange                        Carol Hoult

 Raffle                                           Toni Gomm & Maureen Stockley

 Power Point presenter          Helen Hall

NB:   Refer to the individual Group tabs listed on the lefthand side for more detailed information.