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            "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                                                                                               Leaders: FRANK HALL 

The aim of the Wine and Cheese Gathering Group is fun and fellowship. It is not for any particular wine person but for all. More a tasting to expand our range with everyone’s views accepted and valued.

We try 3 wines and cheeses over about an hour and a half in a safe environment. 

The Gathering takes place the 2nd Wednesday of each Month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

                          SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS. 


May 2023

Frank and Helen opened their home once again to host the Wine and Cheese Group on 10th May.  On this occasion there was nostalgia as Frank produced a bottle of Mateus Rose – a Portugese wine that was created in 1942.  It was a very popular drink for people of our generation in the 1960s and 1970s.  The nostalgic theme continued with the provision of an ‘Affogato’ -  a dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso coffee.   Frank added a dash of Kahlua.  We also tasted a Chardonnay and enjoyed a gouda cheese, a cheddar containing champagne and massadam cheese with biscuits. The champagne theme carried on with the introduction of a small bottle of homemade champagne.   As usual Frank encouraged responsible drinking by using shot glasses for the wine tasting.  Just in case some of us wanted to imbibe too much he asked members of the group to participate in a measuring exercise to see just how much liquid each person considered their version of a ‘standard’ drink.