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           "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                 **OUTINGS & ACTIVITIES GROUP**

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Regular activities are planned for members to enjoy what Probus is all about - Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.  Join in and see for yourself.

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September 2023

Our Sundowner on Thursday at Henry Sutton Park was a happy couple of hours spent socializing with fellow membersGaylia, her brother Alan & Garry stayed cool, calm & collected, constructing the bean bag basket game & setting the games out.  Chris rode to the event, & Steve biked in a short time later, just in time for the games to begin. Teams of four tackled the various games & scores were kept. Erwin showed his skill at landing horseshoes on the target, Pam was a whizz at throwing the bean bags into the 50 basket & having a score over 500. Garry was a winner at bocce with 5 straight wins, but Bob & Val really showed us what concentration looks like when playing Finska.  Drinks & nibbles time soon arrived, with more chatting required. Gaylia rewarded the best scores for the various activities with a chocolate Lindt bar or a chocolate frog. We were all rewarded with a wonderful couple of hours together, whilst having fun. 

Report and photos by Fran