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               PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL Inc 

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                            **LUNCH GROUP**

                                       Leader:   WINSTON BELL

And here we have our lunch group. Those health conscious members who always head straight for the salad bar. Believe that if you will. Two lunches are booked most months, and registering in advance is necessary. All welcome.

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March 2024

Lunch Group

The smiles on the faces of  these seventeen diners may have something to do with the completion of a successful AGM on 12th March, especially as our new President is at the head of the table.  Or maybe it is just anticipation of the delicious fish and chips – a speciality at Sharkeys Restaurant in the Marina. Several of the Committee were present, including three new Committee members.  Thanks to Winston for choosing this very popular venue for our post-meeting lunch.