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               "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

                                                                                    Reg No - A1019730Z


                                 **PEEL DEALS**

                                 Leader Dot Lloyd   


Peel Deals meet twice a month on first and third Tuesday of each month.

Card games played are Canasta, Boot Canasta and Frustration - definitely well named. Open to different games if interest shown. Sequence, Mexican Train and Rummicub are available. This is a fun and very sociable group with laughter often heard from the games tables.

Meet in the club rooms of the Amana Retirement Village on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1.00 pm until 4.30 pm.  Tea/coffee break at 3.00 pm. The afternoon isn't limited to cards as Sequence, Mexican Train and Rummicub are also available. $2.00 to cover tea, coffee & biscuits. Bring your own cup or mug. 

April 2024

Photograph from Tuesday's session at cuppa and chat time. Competitive but very friendly as always.