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            "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                                                                                                  Leaders: Frank & Helen Hall 

The aim of the Wine and Cheese Gathering Group is fun and fellowship. It is not for any particular wine person but for all. More a tasting to expand our range with everyone’s views accepted and valued.

We try 3 wines and cheeses over about an hour and a half in a safe environment. 

The Gathering takes place the 2nd Wednesday of each Month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

                                            SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS. 

September 2022

Many thanks to Michele who hosted our September Wine and Cheese Enjoyment Gathering. Attended by 29 Probians it was our biggest gathering by far. We started with a wine that was, “Perfect when you are being kissed by the sun, lazing on the beach…in front of the perfect sunset.” Well at least that was what the label told us. We went on to discover an $8 Sauvignon Blanc that was priced terrifically below the going rate for such a wine. Many wrote this wine down for future purchases.  The cheese and nibbles completed and competed with the wines and our special treat, 3 flavours of Sambucca, for our attention.

Attendees listed songs with the words wine in them before we all joined in the famous old “Bottle of Wine” written and recorded by Tom Paxton. It was fantastic to see so many new inductees at this gathering. Thanks to all who attended on the day and made the gathering such fun.

The next gathering will be held at the home of: Elizabeth and Erwin on Wednesday 12th October at 3.00pm

Sign up at the meeting on the 11th please.


July 2022

The newly formed Probus Wine and Cheese Club hosted by Frank and Helen Hall was attended by sixteen members who enjoyed an afternoon sampling three fine wines.  Oysters and three different kinds of cheeses, together with biscuits, added to the experience.  A quiz, door prize, and a request to estimate the cost of the wines resulted in the award of additional bottles of wine to the winners.  A great time was had by all participants.                      Jenny Terry