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          Welcome to   "Peels on Wheels"  Our Caravan & Cabins Group.                                                                                               Group committee speaker:     Sue Moncaster                                                                       

This is our fun loving activities group who love to get "out & about". Some elect to take their own facilities and others prefer provided accommodation. Either way, it's all about the socializing and exploring.

By day we explore the surrounding districts doing touristy things like wineries, restaurants, attractions of interest etc.

By evening, when the fun begins, there are drinks, nibbles, games, plus "Card Bingo." If you don't know what "Card Bingo" is, join the group and find out....


Thursday 17th October 2021. Collie River Tourist Park                  ************************************************


May 2021:

Bridgetown; what a 'buzzing' little town. There were 32 of us who traveled down South to experience the wonders of this beautiful spot in our South West.

Friday: We started with a picturesque early morning walk along the Blackwood River that runs alongside the Caravan Park, followed by our traditional morning coffee. The Committee had supplied a map of the town showing the many historical sites to visit. Most went in small groups for an enjoyable day visiting the variety of sites on offer. Our normal 4pm activity was spent at the local bowling club where we enjoyed a few hours of "yardie" bowls. Not that easy for us beginners but lots of laughs. The club had opened up especially for us and supplied bowls to those of us who weren't amongst the experienced. 

Saturday: Most of us traveled out to the historical town of "Greenbushes".  The town was originally established as a "Tin" mining town until "Lithium" was discovered. We started with a visit to the "Discovery Centre" which gave a very interesting look at the history of the town. This was followed by a walk through the town center to see the many historical points which depicted the town's history, including a walk to the lookout to view the open pit lithium mine. Then off to the local "Shamrock Hotel" for lunch. The evening saw us all enjoying the normal drinks and 'card bingo' in the Park's camp kitchen.  

Sunday: The majority of the members rushed off to the nearby local 'Sunday Markets' which offered a good range of the local fresh produce and normal brick-a-brack. Back for morning tea and then a free day for everyone to enjoy the the wide variety of things to visit in the district. Most of us gathered at the "Bridgetown Pub" for a noisy but enjoyable dinner to wind-down the great trip to Bridgetown

Bridgetown Bowling Club social evening



Morning walks to start each day 

Ford House, Bridgetown

Levander Alpaca Farm


Greenbushes Discovery Centre, Lithium Mine and Pool



Lunch at Shamrock Hotel, Greenbushes

February 2021:

Hello everyone

Well, our trip to Walpole is over and I'm sure that all (43) members who attended had a very enjoyable time. There was so much to see and do down there that not everyone went to the same places at the same time.

However most went off to Peaceful Bay to sample their famous fish & chips, enjoyed many beaches in the area and be treated to the beautiful scenery available along this coastline, walked the Tree Top walk, explored the ancient Tingle Forest and the Swarbrick Art Trail, strolled to Circular Pool to enjoy a cuppa and its beautiful surrounds, and generally basked in the majestic Karri forests of the southern region. A very informative afternoon was spent with the "WOW Wilderness Eco-cruise" around the Walpole Inlet with our most entertaining host, Gary Muir. 

Of course, every afternoon and evening we enjoyed the happy hours and quizzes conducted by our quiz-masters, Carolyn & Ross. This was always followed by the traditional 'Card Bingo' run by our infamous croupier; John C. To finish off a fantastic trip the members enjoyed a great buffet dinner at the 'Nornabar Restaurant' in Nornalup.

A big thanks to my team (Carolyn & Ross, Liz & John) for their help in the organizing and running of this outing. Also, a special thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make it the  success it turned out to be.

Sue Moncaster  (POW co-coordinator)

Giant Tingle tree

Pure concentration on the afternoon quiz during happy hour each day

Wilderness Cruise with Garry Muir

Friendly locals

Swarbrick Art Loop

Every morning the group sets off for a walk

Valley of the Giants                                                                Circular Pool         


Home of the beautiful red flowering gum (corymbia ficifolia)

Last night dinner at Nornabar Restaurant, Nornalup

November 2020:

Some 43 members joined in for the trip to Busselton. Lots of fun & fellowship was enjoyed by all. 

In general there was lots of walking, bike riding etc with the usual afternoon quiz and evening card bingo. A mystery tour outing was organised by Carolyn Pomroy, also the POW committee put on a fantastic Melbourne Cup luncheon.

A big thank you to Carolyn, Liz, Ross and Fred for all their help and support.    Sue Moncaster

Canal Rocks

Eagle Bay Brewery

Our hard working POW Committee 

Regular morning walks started off each day

Bob enjoyed having a different venue for his favourite passtime