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                                                                      Organised by.. Alastair McKechnie.  

At most of our meetings, we are privileged to have a guest speaker who is happy to come along and give a talk on their particular vocation or special interest. Whether it be travel, environmental issues, charities, professions, sports, writers, adventurers etc, we can be sure that, whatever their choice of subject is, we will always be treated to a very informative and interesting presentation.    

And now, on behalf of our Guest Speaker Co-ordinator, Alastair, here are the details of our next speaker plus a sample of our past guests:


NEXT MEETING:       Tuesday 14th September 2021.




14 September 2021:

Anne McGladdery spoke at length about her extraordinary journey into Tibet with her daughter.  She presented a slide show to describe what she saw and experienced, especially the discuption and suffering caused by the invasion of this spectacular country by China in recent times, and how so much of their ancient culture has and still is being destroyed by communism.

10 August 2021:

The August speaker was Denise Nicolay, the branch treasurer of Save the Children, who gave an insight into the work of dedicated volunteers, of whom some are members of this club as pictured below.

13 July 2021:

Roger Underwood is a Western Australian forester with over 50 years experience in forest, land and bushfire management. He spent 30 years as a district and regional bushfire officer in the karri and jarrah forests and has worked in bushfire research, operations and leadership. He is the author of several books on bushfire and forest history, including books on the 1961 Dwellingup Fire and the 1978 storm and bushfire crisis associated with Cyclone Alby. He is the Chairman of The Bushfire Front, an organisation of fire specialists devoted to reducing the risks of bushfire damage to the WA community and environment. 

8 June 2021:

Our speaker for this month cancelled at the last minute, and our Treasurer David Hunt stepped in and gave us a very informative and interesting presentation on comparative studies of colour vision.

How do we see colours and what has happened to those who are "colour-blind"? Do other animals just see in black and white? If they have colour vision, how does it compare to ours?

11 May 2021:

Eric McCrum OAM, environmentalist, naturalist and photographer, introcuced by Alastair and thanked by Nigel.

Eric selected to give us a presentation on the fascinating Little Sandy Desert in central WA, concentrating on the specific flora and fauna of the region. This desert is located South of the Great Sandy Desert, East of Mt Newman and stretches across towards Wiluna, and is now out of bounds to non-indigenous people.  It is a sacred site and has unique vegetation, sandstone and animal life. 

           13 April 2021:         

Jenny Green from the Mandurah Council speaking on “Waste Management”. 

Jenny had previously visited a Waste Facility in Japan that is now being developed here in Western Australia. A new “worldclass” facility is being built in Kwinana and involves several River Councils. She discussed some interesting facts, especially the fact that the waste, after being flattened and metals removed, will be combusted at 900 deg Celsius to produce energy. The ash waste can be recycled into building materials such as ‘Brickies sand’ etc. It will be a first in Australia.  


10 November 2020:      Kim Wilkinson 

Kim Wilkinson spoke on ways we could save a few dollars on our power bills by putting a bit more thought in to how we heat and cool our houses, and use a few more gadgets to reduce power from our light and power circuits 


13 October 2020           David Beard

David Beard is an Exercise Physiologist and a member of Professional Speakers Australia. His presentation was both incredibly enjoyable and informative as he aimed to change our perceptions on health, fitness and getting old, by showing us how to develop sustainable life skills.