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                                  WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING

Investment Group Meeting 2 August 2021 

The last meeting before closing of our game platform was held at Val and Norma’s house. The beautiful ocean view was enhanced by a delicious afternoon tea and a tasty bubbly kindly donated by Rob, the winner of this short tournament.

Thank you, Val and Norma for hosting our meeting and Rob for the refreshing drink. It’s a shame that the women of our group could not participate in our meeting and celebration.
We discussed about crypto currency’s tax issues of US shares and finalised the login into the new platform we will use for the trading of crypto currencies for the rest of this Probus year. 

Congratulation Rob for a well-deserved win. Good performance, over 24% in only 5 months.  

The podium places are:

1 Rob               1,246,670.30

2 Lesley           1,239,649.70

3 Gerry            1,180,243.17

Followed by Erwin and Val



Gerry has been toppled off the lead, and here he is at the 13th July meeting handing over the gold bar to the new leader, Rob

Erwin handing over the gold bar to Gerry at the meeting on 8th June

Investment Group Meeting 31 May 2021

Our monthly meeting was held by Lesley, one week earlier than usual, because the public holiday on Monday. We had to find a solution, because our site with the investment platform we use to host our portfolios will retire end of July. I worked out 3 possible options and we choose to virtually invest from July onwards in Cryptocurrency instead in shares. This will be a huge learning curve for all of us but something unavoidable in the future. The ranking this year is in permanent move, the market still volatile but should become bullish again. The first three the weekend before the meeting are:

1 Gerry         1,147,725.00    14.7%

2 Rob            1,108,194.00    10.8%

3 Gudrun      1,098,252.00      9.8%

Congratulation Gerry, you are the new Gold Bar holder. 

Erwin,  Investment Group Leader


Investment Group Meeting 12 April 2021 

Our first meeting of the 2021/22 tournament changed the picture of the ranking list dramatically. Fighting for the gold-bar in these first months were Gudrun, Rob and Gerry. Eventually towards the end, Gudrun (1,069,579) showed her abilities and closed on Friday with 11,000 in front of Gerry (1,058,927) followed by Rob (1,057,254).   Congratulations Gudrun! 

Hold on - this is not all, the actual assets of Gudrun on Wednesday 14th are: $ 1,139,158. This is a profit of nearly 14%. Congratulations Gudrun - the competition is on…

Erwin      Investment Group Leader

9 March 2021: 

And the winner is.....


8 February 2021:

This was the last meeting of our tournament and at the same time the start for the new year 2021/22. Everyone has again a portfolio of $1,000,000. Many have already started trading.  

Last year tournament was an excellent year for all of us with 2- and 3-digits percent profit. Three of us doubled their assets during the tournament but lost in the last weeks again because of weaker markets. The last week of our tournament was especially turbulent. The race between Lesley and Erwin was full on. Lesley was leading the tournament and made the gold bar her own for many months. However, Erwin has overtaken Lesley towards the end of January and extended his lead with more than $170,000 mid-February. 

Ranking closing of tournament 2020/21

  • Erwin            2,039,184 $

  • Lesley.          1,968,715 $   -   70,469 $

  • John.             1,817,737 $   - 150,978 $

  • Gudrun.        1,623,052 $   - 194,685 $

  • Michele         1,445,957 $   - 177,095 $

  • Val.                 1,168,539 $   - 277,418 $

  • Gerry.            1,053,639 $ * - 114,900 $

*Gerry joined the tournament in the middle of the year. 

Remarkable is that Lesley invested in the Australian market and Erwin in the American market mainly with high tech shares. Congratulation to all players. The group made with 6 Million Dollar pocket money $10,063,184. In one year, an astonishing combined win of $ 4,063,184 or 67.7%!

9 November 2020:

The Investment Group held the monthly meeting on the 9th November. Erwin, the host, was very unlucky, Lesley snapped the Gold Bar away again on Friday’s closing before the meeting. Looks like Lesley’s revenge as Erwin did the same last month. Below the numbers of the three first ranked in our group. 

1 Lesley    1.925.358.- 

2 Erwin     1.915.741.- 

3 Gudrun  1.393.599.- 

If you are interested to compete in next year’s game, beginning with the new Probus year, let me know now. There are 3 spots left in our group of maximum 10 members. We are trading real shares on a virtual trading platform with a start capital of 1 Million FICTIVE MONEY. This is an excellent opportunity to learn investing in shares and learn from each other.