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           "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                            **LUNCH GROUP**

                                                                                           Leader:   WINSTON BELL

And here we have our 'vibrant' lunch group. Those health conscious members who always head straight for the salad bar. Believe that if you will.  

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October 2022

14 diehard luncheon attendees enjoyed another wonderful lunch at the Cut Tavern.  In Winston’s absence, John did a great job of greeting us on arrival (note that fancy touch Winston!!).  A great meal and most of us enjoyed a steak cooked to perfection while enjoying the great water views.  Congratulations must go to the committed Probian who WALKED to the venue up a hill and in very strong winds well done “G” - you deserved your ride home.


September 2022

FRIAR TUCK LUNCH Another month has past and so too did another lovely lunch.  This time 25 of us enjoyed steak and Guinness pies and a range of other classics.  Some even had desserts – icecream and apple crumble with custard - but I can’t disclose who – the naughty Probians know who they are!  Winston turned on a beautiful day for it (the best I have seen since arriving in the west) thank you again Winston for another great luncheon and am looking forward to the Cut Tavern in October. Carol Hoult