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July 2022

At Peel Probus we always go one better and what is better than Christmas in December?  Yes, Christmas in July as well!!

Around 60 members attended the celebration on Thursday July 14 and what a feast we had.  Meadow Springs Golf Club spoilt us with an amazing smorgasbord of Christmas delights with all the trimmings.  Just when we all thought we had eaten our fill – the desserts arrived and who could stop at just one.  The photos prove that I wasn’t the only one to sample several of the delicacies.

The new members made themselves known to all with four of us winning lucky door prizes.  A big thank you to Gaylia for all the organisation and the other elves that assisted her by organising and donating door prizes.  It was a fabulous day and I am sure no one went home hungry. Santa’s chocolates were a nice little surprise too!  Carol Hoult

June 2022

Van Gogh Alive Exhibition

Another beautiful experience thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciative group of Mandurah Peel Probians ( & friends!) 
This particular exhibit allows the viewer to get up close & personal with the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, who between the ages of 22 and 32 years of age painted some 2000 pieces - very few of which were ever sold during his lifetime.  It is a multi “sensory” experience - eyes, ears & nose - you soak in the sight, sounds and smell of his beautiful artwork (the smell is more about Cyprus pine forests than acrylic paint !)  For those who were unable to come today, we have just learnt that a similar exhibit is returning  to Perth in 2023, featuring the work of Claude Monet, so watch this space ! 
Getting to and from the exhibit in Supreme Court Gardens was very easy. We all caught the 8.57am train from Mandurah, and then went our separate ways after gathering for a coffee and chat in the foyer.  Unfortunately, without the presence of our official club photographer, it fell to me to take some photos - which is why there are so few!  Dot, Margaret , Estelle , Jenny & I took two of our newest members - John & Jenny - under our wing, and we managed to find the only cafe open in Elizabeth Quays for a fish ‘n chip lunch and a photo shoot.  The weather was kind - no rain, lovely sunshine and with full tummies that the ride back home in a  warm train resulted in the inevitable ….. nanna (& poppa) naps!! 


26 May 2022

Sistine Chapel Exhibition 

Twenty eager Probians trained, bussed & drove to the very non-descript Old Naval store building on Canning Hwy in North Fremantle for a fabulous "cultural” experience. A life-size, up close, never before seen perspective of Michelangelo’s frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Unlike the real experience, we weren’t packed in like sardines and forced to march in straight lines from one end to the other of the chapel (in absolute silence), heads craned upwards as we tried to discern what it was that we were actually looking at, 20 metres above! In this instance we had a very informative 15 minute video explaining why Michelangelo was commissioned for the task almost 500 years ago, and most interestingly the complexity of the task itself. There was more information in this video alone than one receives doing the whole “real life” Vatican tour and an excellent explanation of the logistics and difficulties in creating the 27 individual frescoes covering the ceiling and “The Last Judgement” on the alter wall.

Once inside, the magnificent of Michelangelo’s work is beautifully bought to life in huge photographs that are presented at eye level. The advantages of which were very much appreciated by Margaret, who didn’t need a microscope to confirm what most of us already knew, that circumcision didn’t really come into favour until after God had established a new covenant with Abraham, long after creation. And disappointingly, sometime after Michelangelo had completed all the scenes in “The Last Judgement” and gone to meet his maker, a more prudish Pope took offence at all that masculine nakedness and arranged for some other lesser known artists to add strategically placed fig leaves or flowing robes. Just ask Margaret, she stood in front of “The Last Judgement” for a good 15 minutes and couldn’t find any naked men who’d been missed. And there are 390 of them!

Anyhow, after all that studiousness, we were all ready for a strong drink and delicious lunch and headed into Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle. From there it was an easy journey home, complements of (free) public transport.

Once again thanks everyone for your enthusiastic participation. Another very enjoyable day out & about.          Gaylia