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                           **OUTINGS GROUP**

                                                                                       Leader:   GAYLIA MITCHUM

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November 2022

Almost 40 Mandurah Peel Probians descended on Henry Sutton Park for the final sundowner for 2022.  Unlike some of our previous get togethers in this location, on this occasion the weather Gods were particularly kind and for once, there was no freezing Antarctic wind to hurry us all home.  We started at 3pm and many were still sitting around chatting and enjoying a BBQ dinner well after 6pm! Adding a bit of excitement and friendly competition were four different social games.  Finska / Molke (or throwing a lump of wood at 12 numbered skittles) challenged those who have little control over their underhand throws while a variation on throwing bean bags into different sized “buckets” required more skill and precision than one would have thought.  Those with lots of experience in lawn bowls certainly had the advantage in the games of “Boule” and made playing Quoits look like a piece of cake.  The score sheets for each game obviously require a bit more work, as it was almost impossible to interpret who won at what game.  Thank goodness, there were plenty of packets of smarties to give out and at the end of the day, just about everybody went home with a prize!  

Congratulations to our Boule champions, some who competed individually, others in teams; Margaret M, Joan, Steve & Alastair, Ron, Doug & Maureen; Nigel, Brian & Ross. Our Bean Bag throwing Champions: Dot, Annie & Erwin; Carol, Estelle & Carolyn; Ian, Elisabeth and Grand Master John! Our Finska / Molke Champions: Ross, Heather, Joan, Fred, Chris.  And our Quoit Champions: Carol, Estelle & Carolyn; Grand Master John (again!)

Apologies if I’ve missed out naming any winners – as I mentioned earlier, I need a more accurate system for recording results at each “station”.  However, a quick look at the accompanying photographs show Grand Master John giving an excellent display of how to play quoits while Gillian is as accurate at this game as she is on the Croquet field and Estelle is pretty chuffed about getting all five hoops over the poles! I’m trying to keep score while Erwin & Steve check for a bit of ball tampering and Carol is directing Ross’ throw while Nigel’s calling it out!  Estelle show’s her team how to throw a bean bag – accurately; Ross is incredulous about Fred’s winning throw in Finska / Molke and Val joins Bob & Sue for a quiet drink on the bench.  Lovely Pam is the rose between Doug & Tony while Chris & Annie are sorting out the skittles under Ian’s watchful eye.  Interestingly, in the background Toni & Margaret look suspiciously like they are struggling to add up numbers to 50 and Dot is encouraging Joan to give it her all in the final throw of the day.   Thank you, Carolyn for ensuring that moments like these are captured for posterity and THANK YOU everyone else for coming along and getting into the swing of things.  It’s always a pleasure to organise an outing for such appreciative, fun people.  I’m already planning the games for our next sundowner in January ’23!        Gaylia Mitcham – Outing & Activities Coordinator. 

October 2022

Annual Car Rally 

Another very successful event with 53 enthusiastic participants and three slightly anxious ‘coordinators’ (always worried that someone will get lost, not show up at the destination, find the directions too confusing, or even worse, challenge the marking of their answer sheet!).  Fortunately, no one got lost, everyone arrived safely at this year’s lovely destination – Bistro by the Dam at Serpentine Dam.  Nine other MPPC members arrived to welcome the participants and join in the festivities over a delicious lunch, bringing the total number present to 65.   

Adding to this year’s competition were a few additional awards to the usual First-past-the-post, which made finding an overall “winning car” slightly more challenging.  Not only did you have to have the highest score on the question sheet, you had to arrive in the shortest time having travelled the least distance.  Understandably, there was no single car that achieved all three criteria and hence we had THREE winning cars who had to share the prize pool.   Proud Prize winners for the 2022 Annual Car Rally are as follows.

Highest Score on the Question Sheet; Car 3 The Lafferty Family with a score of 33/34 

Completing the Course in the Fastest Time (the low flying award!); Car 2 Norma, Val & Leslie in 1hr 15mins 

Completing the Course with the lowest Odometer reading; Car 15 John, Annie, Carole & John in 70kms. 

Best Detour Award ie getting just an incy, wincy bit lost; Car 11 Alastair, Robin & Tony 

Foreign Legion Award (ie present & accounted for, but who knows how many kilometres they travelled?) Car 9 David & Gill.  

Completing the Course, in the longest amount of time, travelling the most kilometres with the lowest number of correct answers went to not three separate cars but just one!  The occupants of which may be looking for different travel companions next year!

Car 1 Winston, Valma & Alan who travelled 94 kilometres to safely complete the course in 1hr 43minutes and still only manage to correctly answer 18 questions! Well done, guys! 

In closing, a BIG thankyou to my partner-in-crime, Jenny, who yet again manages to navigate a route alongside me (without any Valium) and then come up with a great list of directions and questions.  And to Estelle for helping with the marking & preparation of gorgeous looking certificates.  Thank you to all participants – you made the day!  

Gaylia Mitcham     Outings & Activities Coordinator.

September 2022

Left overs never looked, or for that matter, tasted sooooo good!  The “No waste’ luncheon at Millbrook Winery has inspired me to look a little more creatively at what I have left over in my kitchen each week.  Share platters of frittatas, gnocchi, vegetables, mackerel ( Frank got the secret to that dish should you be interested), Wagyu beef and lamb were served to a very appreciative group.  To cap off the meal we had rice pudding with spiced ice cream – who would believe that was a combination made in heaven!
Aside from the amazing food, we were delighted with some lovely wines to accompany the meal and a well earned coffee to finish.  Thank you to the lovely staff who looked after us so well.  Several of us were also treated to a stroll through their extensive vegetable garden where all those vegetables and herbs originated.  Not to forget the chooks and ducks – thanks for those eggs girls.  Gaylia thank you for organising the luncheon.  I hope it is going to be a repeat visit. Carol Hoult