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           "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                        **  THE 'OUTINGS' GROUP  **


Group Leader:  Gaylia Mitcham                          


11 April 2021:

SPAMALOT - a fabulous presentation by Primadonna Productions who entertained an enthusiastic audience on a wet & windy Sunday afternoon.   23 Mandurah Peel members were very happy to be safe and sound inside MPAC merrily singing along to “Always look on the Bright Side of Life”  while cyclone Seroja was bearing down on the coral coast of WA. As these photos attest, the feel-good moments lasted well past the final curtain.



1st April 2021:

The Inaugural Mandurah Peel Probus Club “Grab-A-Crab” Competition 

 …. And the competition begins.  Twenty eager participants gathered on the sunny banks of the Murray River in South Yunderup to try their hand (some for the first time - others for the last!) at crabbing with nets.  

Captain Gaylia & her very capable assistant, brother Allan, directed operations - baiting up nets, attaching lines, filling up buckets, positioning tubs (with plenty of pegs to put on those claws) & ensuring all had access to the one & only requisite ‘crab measure’   Every crab, regardless of size, was duly measured, photographed, recorded & then returned to its home. Team Marot (Margaret & Dot)  were the first to actually land a crab (underside), closely followed by Team Sims & Team Stockley, while Team Austin was the first to tempt a legal size (127mm) female into their net. 

This shady river bank may not be the most productive place to put in a few crab nets, but it's certainly one of the prettiest. And … despite the enthusiasm of Team Sims ( “We’ll never catch anything here”  ….. “this is a waste of time”…. “The crabs have all migrated back to the estuary” ……. “Crabs prefer chicken and we’ve only got mullet” ……..) we did have a little bit of success and the morning was enjoyed by all.  Many, many thanks to Bob & Sue  for providing the lovely (new) nets; Allan for helping with the baiting & general preparation; Eric & Lillian & staff for their friendly service (& also storing the Easter egg prizes in their cool room!), Alastair for calling by to encourage & motivate (& helping with the pack up)  & Gaylia for organising.   Watch out for this event again in 2022.  Some bench marks have been set & some lucky team will get to take home the Trophy Crab Net next year. 

Prize Winners were as follows :

  1. Biggest Crab - Team Gomm 133mm. 
  2. Smalles Crab - Team Sims - 12mm
  3. Most Number of Under size crabs - Team Stockley (they caught the same crab three times!) 
  4. Most Enthusiastic Crabbers - Team Clark (John’s leather gloves & Annie’s photography!)


Written By: Estelle - Official Record Keeper


25 March 2021:

A great day out in Fremantle at the Maritime Museum, enjoyed by 37 of our members. 

While Some of our members caught public transport and took a short walk from the Fremantle train station, arriving at the museum around 10.40pm, others chose to drive and pay for 4hrs parking close to the museum. There are still plenty of “old” displays - the history of the fishing industry, pearling, transport & navigation, migration, yacht racing, to stimulate your interest (& bring back some old memories of what used to happen in the back of those Holden Sandmen with surfboards permanently attached to the roof!) But the two new exhibits are outstanding and well worth the effort of making your way to Fremantle.  The Viking Exhibition (on the same floor  as the entrance) had been well designed, and for those who enjoyed the series on SBS it really demonstrates how clever, courageous,  ferocious & adventurous these people were and how important a role they played in ocean navigation and migration. Can you guess who chose to unleash his inner child and dress up as a Viking? The 25 minute movie experience “ Under the Dome” on the second floor of the museum is a new innovation. It virtually takes you under the ocean as you follow the 13,000km annual whale migration from Antartica to the northern Kimberley coast and back again. 

Sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at Fremantle Maritime Museum for all their help in arranging the excursion & the very professional way they greeted & coordinated us on the day.  I’m sure the excursion was enjoyed by all.             Gaylia Mitcham       Outings & Activities coordinator




28 January 2021:

The enthusiasm for Mandurah Peel Probians to participate in group outings & activities will never cease to amaze me. Obviously, they don’t want to miss a minute of what ever is going on - even when nothing in particular is going on!  Here are 43 relaxed, happy, casual, Mandurah Peel Probians comfortably seated in their outdoor chairs, sipping their favourite tipple, snacking on their favourite sundowner food, merrily chatting away about nothing in particular.  

It was lovely to see some of our newer members in addition to our regular sundowners, who were savvy enough to bring their own sausages, fire up the barbie (or Weber Q) and settle in for the evening.  

Thank you one and all for making our first sundowner for 2021 the best outing / activity so far. I look forward to catching up with you all again, certainly at our general meetings and hopefully, at one or two of the outings / activities I’ve planned for the rest of the year.   Gaylia Mitcham



8th December:

What a fantastic time we had at Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club which was attended by 92 of our 110 members.


7th December:

We had a good roll up for the David Templeman Show, which was enjoyed by all.

19th November:

The quiz afternoon was a great success, thank you to Gaylia, Jenny and Estelle

and the winners were:-


15 October 2020:

A great day was had by all on the car rally, and everyone ended up making it to the appointed end meeting point for lunch.  Winners with a perfect score were the Daggs and Emerys.  A big thanks to Gaylia and Jenny for organising.




17 September 2020:      Fremantle Prison Tour

19 attendees for the Prison Tour & all continued to the Boat Harbour for lunch at either Kaillis Bros or Cicerellos.

A lovely day, enjoyed by all.