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                            **PEELS ON WHEELS**

                                                                     Leaders: ALASTAIR McKECHNIE & PENNY DINSDALE

This is our fun loving activities group who love to get "out & about."

Some elect to take their own facilities and others prefer provided accommodation. Either way, it's all about the socializing and exploring.                                       


WHERE ARE THEY GOING NEXT:  Peppermint Grove, Caple 27 Feb - 3 March 2023

                                                              Ledge Point Holiday Park 1 - 5 May 2023


November 2022

Karrinyup Waters Resort.

September 2022

25 Probians visited Kalgoorlie for a fascinating few days experiencing life on the famous goldfields. The very moment we arrived at the Kalgoorlie station the heavens opened giving us all a good drenching on the way to our hotel!

We visited Coolgardie on the first day where we enjoyed all the amazing historic sites & displays, also enjoying an excellent morning tea at Warden Finnerty's Residence [1895] which has been restored by the National Trust. Unfortunately due to heavy rains closing all unsealed roads we were unable to visit the 2Up school. Our very accomodating bus driver showed us all the massive machinery establishments in the industrial area of Kalgoorlie. 

On day 3 we headed off on the bus to our destination at the famous ghost town of Gwalia for the afternoon, enjoying lunch on the verandah of Hoover House, so called after the American engineer Edgar Hoover who subsequently became the President of USA.  This is one of the most fascinating destination in WA. That night we stayed in the mining camp at the nearby town of Leonora.

Unfortunately the following day we were unable to go to Lake Ballard to view the Gormley Sculptures due to road closures. Our  ever accomodating driver took us out to the Niagara Dam which was built in the 1890s to service the steam trains & on to the remains of the huge township of Kookinie, where amongst the few remaining buildings stands the pub with the horse on the verandah. Unfortunately the horse had gone bush for the day. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the neat little town of Menzies before returning to Kalgoorlie. 

On the final day we enjoyed a tram ride around Kalgoorlie including a memorable visit to the magnificent Boulder Town Hall, where we were fortunate to see the famous Goatcher Curtain in all its magnificence. This is only one of the 2 still in existence in the world. Also visits to the spectacular hole of The Super Pit, the Abstract Timber Artists Gallery, and many other points of interest around this amazing historical mining city. 

The train trip up & back on The Prospector was very comfortable & certainly beats the long haul by road to visit this historic West Australian iconic city. The whole area is so full of history and there are many sad stories of the terrible hardships the early prospectors sustained walking, riding or pushing wheelbarrows through the endless scrub to try their hand at gold mining. Of course there were also stories of spectacular successes & vast wealth attained. The amount and scale of the current vast mining operations is quite mind boggling. 

I would like to sincerely thank my Peels on Wheels assistant Penny Dinsdale, who did so much to ensure the smooth running of this great expedition.