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  **  READERS GROUP  **  

                                                                                                Group Leader:     Glen Shinners 


  The Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month  1.00 - 3.00pm                                  

                                   See Calendar of Events for details.....


August 2021:

Nine ladies gathered at Michele’s house on Tuesday afternoon to discuss books that had been read recently. They included fiction, fact, crime, suspense, romance, gossip and that was before they started talking about the actual books. A great afternoon was had by all and they look forward to another meeting late next month. Thanks to Michele for being host.

May 2021:

Our Readers group continues to have a good following with a wide variety of books being read and discussed at the meeting. It is amazing to have a huge choice of books to choose from for reading in the next month. We have biographies, detective, fiction based on fact, self-help books and travel books to all corners of the globe. The movie ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’ was discussed and we had plenty to say on current news items. 

27 April 2021:

9 readers, including potential member Val, attended meeting at Glen Shinners’ house.  As usual a  great selection of books about mystery, intrigue, fact and fiction by well known authors and obscure ones were discussed.  Also, problems of the world were talked about over afternoon tea. 

Meeting time has changed and will now commence at 1.00pm and end about 3.00pm.  (Fran's take on the day )

30 March 2021:

The monthly book club was held on 30th March with seven attending. There was a lot of laughter but we managed to talk about the books we have read recently, and whether we enjoyed said books.  Some related to events we had experienced in our lives. We finished around 4pm with a coffee and cake. If anyone would care to join us for book club they would be very welcome. Glen Shinners 


Book Club news.....

We had a big turnout of readers this meeting. There were ten of us and we spent the first hour discussing books we have read or are currently reading. Plenty to keep us interested there. Then we shared life experiences, some sad, some funny, some uplifting but never boring.  Coffee and cakes finished the session before leaving for home at about 4.00pm.


The Book Reading Group is now up and running again after the COVID 19 break