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                            **READERS GROUP**

                                                                                                  Leader:  GLEN SHINNERS                                                           

This is a group of readers who enjoy each others company.  

The Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month  1.00 - 3.00pm but it's usually closer to 4pm by the time they stop talking, trying to solve the problems of the world and eating afternoon tea.  If anyone wants to join the happy group you would be most welcome.            

                             SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS                              

December 2022

The Readers Group wound up the year with an enjoyable lunch at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club.  Thanks were extended to Glen, who hosts the Group every month and always provides the members with a delicious afternoon tea.   Jenny Terry

October 2022

Glen Shinners, leader of the Book Readers Group hosted10 Probians on Tuesday 25th. Most members of the group had read and agreed that three books by Natasha Lester are worth a read. ‘The Paris Seamstress’: ‘The Paris Secret’s': ‘The French Photographer’: All are linked but each book is a read by itself. Another interesting book called ‘Time and Time Again’ was about travelling back in time and changing the course of history!  A lively discussion on World, Australian and Local events ended the afternoon.  Fran


Hosted again by Glen Shinners last Tuesday 11th, members enjoyed discussing all the latest books they have read and put forward their recommendations on some of them. They also had in- depth discussions on many other subjects while they had a cup of tea. A most enjoyable meeting as can be seen in the following photo.