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                            **READERS GROUP**

                                                                                                  Leader:  GLEN SHINNERS                                                           

This is a group of readers who enjoy each others company.  

The Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month  1.00 - 3.00pm but it's usually closer to 4pm by the time they stop talking, trying to solve the problems of the world and eating afternoon tea.  If anyone wants to join the happy group you would be most welcome.            

                             SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS                              

June 2022

Our usual diverse assortment of books at this month's meeting.  Like him or loathe him Geoffrey Archer is an interesting author and his "Kane and Able" and "Honour among thieves" are still excellent reads as they make you keep turning the pages.  Glen excelled as usual with a great afternoon tea.

Book readers group meets on the last Tuesday of each month at Glen Shinners home. We readers bring along our books and talk about why we like them or why we don't and table them for others to take home to read.

Chat time is great afterwards over a cuppa.     Fran

April 2022

The Readers' Group was hosted by Michelle on Tuesday 26th April, as our usual host Glen Shinners was away on a trip to Birdsville and Canberra.  As always the sharing of books was accompanied by lively discussion.

Thanks to Michelle for stepping into the breach and for the provision of a delicious afternoon tea.    Jenny