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               "PROBUS CLUB of MANDURAH PEEL inc"

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                 **SOLO FRIENDSHIP GROUP**

                                                                                       Leader: MICHELE CORNWELL

This is an activity group for members without a partner in the club,

with social activities primarily held on a weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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July 2022

No, it was not a celebration of a west coast win or support for Ukraine, but it was a trip down nostalgia lane when twenty-four members of the Probus Solo Friendship Group gathered at Michele’s home for a back to the 70’s lunch. 

With a background of disco music (courtesy of Bev), members stepped into a time machine and revisited these culinary gems from the 70s:

Prawn cocktail

Quiche lorraine

Beef stroganoff

Hawaiian meatballs

Chicken a la king


Black forest cake

Carrot cake

Eton mess

It was a fun afternoon, and some members (Glen and Pauline) really got into the groove with their colourful clothing and hair.