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                         **  WALKING GROUP  **  

                                                       Group leaders - Val White & Norma Caple                                              

Welcome to the webpage dedicated to the WALKING GROUP - one of the many activity

groups formed within the Club's range of social activities. The walk is held every Tuesday except on Club Meeting days.



21 September 2021:

Spring is definitely here and our walkers were making the most of it when they walked the Mariners Cove Trail at Creerie Wetlands.


7 September 2021:

It was a beautiful and warm morning for a walk along the foreshore to Soldiers Cove.

24 August 2021:

Just a small group walked the Boardwalk Boulevarde at Halls Head today.


17 August 2021:

Samphire Cove Reserve has to be the most picturesque of all the walking trails and today it excelled.  Early spring flowers and bird life, along with the perfect weather, added that special touch.


3 August 2021:

A good number of keen walkers turned up for this week's walk at San Remo, and enjoyed a brisk walk in ideal walking conditions.

20 July 2021:

Only the brave (or crazy) ventured out on today's walk at Doddies Beach.  We picked up a couple of stragglers on the way back and found a few more hiding out at Tod's, where we met for coffee and to get warm.


6 July 2021:

Between the Covid restrictions and winter weather, the walking group roster had a few changes lately, with a number of the walks being conducted in the Forum as shown here. 

1 June 2021:

A small group of walkers enjoyed the first day of winter with a walk along the ocean front at Calypso Beach, Halls Head.

25 May 2021:

13 keen walkers took part in the walk today, keen to get out into the warm sunshine after a very wintery day previously.

4 May 2021:

Altho still wearing face masks (except when seated and drinking coffee), the walk along Osprey Water Foreshore Reserve was very pleasant - one of the best walks on the itinerary.

27 April 2021:

Even with Covid restrictions in force 16 keen walkers, donning their assorted home made face masks, turned up for todays walk around Mandurah marina, ending with coffee in Keith Holmes Reserve, obeying the necessary social spacing requirements.

20 April 2021:

The Estuary walk at Dawesville was the perfect place for over 20 Probians for todays walk, with lots of birdlife enjoying the beautiful Autumn day as well.

6 April 2021:

Insect repellant was required for the picturesque walk along the Creery Wetland Nature Reserve, but the weather was glorious and enjoyed by 17 Probians

30 March 2021:

Beautiful day for our walk along Soldiers Cove and around the Estuary, ending up with coffee on Mandurah foreshore.

23 March 2021:

It was wonderful to have a lovely cool breeze for the walk at Black Swan Lake, with pleasant sunshine to sit around and enjoy coffee after. 


16 March 2021: 

A great day for a walk along the coastal pathway at Seascapes Beach