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                    **  The  WRITERS  GROUP  **     


                                                                              Group Leader: Jenny Terry


                                      SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR DETAILS.

                                 September dates - 3rd and 17th    

*****At the General Meeting in January, a few stories and poems written by members of the Writers' Group in 2020 were read out. If you would like to read more of these, a compendium of stories and poems is now available from David Hunt as a pdf. Please contact David on [email protected] if you would like a copy*****


June 2021:

At our last meeting at Heathers house, Alistair showed us the book he has published that tells of the trials and tribulations of his mammoth effort to restore the Hampton Arms Hotel at Greenough, which he did with his wife Robin in the late seventies to about 1984. 

May 2021:

On June 4th at 2.00 pm Lesley will host the next meeting of our group. The topic or prompt we have to write about is ‘My Playground’ so there should be a lot of reminiscing in those little essays when they are read out, with some members having to stretch their memory back 70 odd years to their childhood days. Of course some members may approach the subject from an entirely different angle. 

April 2021:

The writing group gathered at the home of Alastair and Robin to read out our latest short pieces on the theme of ‘Whinges,’ which was an easy subject for our group as they are all semi-professional in that field. One was even said to be ‘very good’ at it. Heather was still recovering from the reaction to her Covid jab but still presented her story, as did Joan. Jenny A. wasn’t able to attend and our leader Jenny T. was soaking up the culture on offer in Sydney, but will be back for our next meeting on May 7th with a story about ‘Running water’ which is the next prompt to write about. Thanks to Robin for supplying us with afternoon tea and joining in our discussions on various subjects.  Written by Garry

March 2021:

David H was the host of a very interesting session of stories and tales of different episodes, either in our pre-retirement life or as recent as the last fortnight. Joan didn't have a story this time but came along as a ‘listener’, which is a good way for anyone thinking of joining us to see how we operate and get inspiration. Heather read a lovely poem about friends, while David wrote about a scientific cruise off the island of Madiera which involved the study of deep sea life and how some of these fish could navigate at such depth without any light. Lesley wrote a biography of her shed with its thoughts about interacting with humans, and Jenny A entertained us with a story about some very crude neighbours she had to put up with once. Jenny also had a story about her neighbour that gave us a laugh. Garry wrote an unfinished article about the trials and tribulations of getting a floor tiled in this period of a shortage of keen and qualified tradesmen/tradespersons. At the end of this, as Joan was still awake, David took orders for tea or coffee to go with an indulgence of food for us. 

Our next meeting will be held at Heather’s house on the 19th of March and our prompt will be ‘Away with the Fairies’ which is very topical at the moment with Moomba Festivals and the Sydney Mardi Gras which are held this month. 

15 January 2021:

On Friday 15th January the Writers group presented new work they had compiled over the break. There were some very good stories about ‘house sitting’ which was the prompt for that meeting, as well as other items. It was good to see Carole back in the group after a break for a year or two. 

12 January 2021:

The Writers Group presented an entertaining and interesting selection of stories and poems at this months meeting.  Well done...

The very talented group